Daedalus 2.0 stuck verifying the blockchain 0%


Hi All,

I have just removed the Daedalus 1.0 and downloaded 2.0 but it has been stuck on the same page for over 30 minutes.

The icons say:
Green - Cardano node is running
Red - Cardano node not responding
Grey - Checking is cardano node time is correct
Red - Cardano node not syncing

Any advice would be great as im struggling to find any fix information.

Thanks in advance legends

Did you already try to restart your computer and try it again?

Same symptom as my issue: Shelley Mainnet Daedelus Wallet not connecting to network

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Hi Zyroxa,

Thanks for the quick response.

I have tried:
—turning it off and on again,
—uninstalling and reinstalling
—restarting the cardano node
—checking the firewall settings

and the other generic IT support ideas (Hahaha)
—blowing in the ports
—hitting the side of the computer
—pleading with the device to work

That is a great list and all you can do right now. I recommend to submit a ticket to the Help Desk at this point: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360000877653-Mainnet-Daedalus-Wallet

am having the same problem did you find a solution?

same here pls help

Try the version 2.0.1. They just released in https://daedaluswallet.io/

your funny.Same problem here gys. for a full day.