Deadalus wallet "Connecting to Network" someone can help me?

Hello, today I download Daedalus wallet and synced blockchain and then turn off deadalust wallet and when i tired to open again it showed me error “cradano-launcher” is already running, after that i turn off cardano-launcher, cardano-node and cardano-wallet-byron from task manager and when i tried to open Daedalus wallet its opened but now its showing this error. someone can help me ?

did you try to reboot your pc? if so try to restart the node by pushing CTRL + D.

yes i tried to restart pc and also restarting node but not working

if you got your seed, try to uninstall the wallet, install it again and try to restore your wallet.

Or there may be something resident in the cache…

well that should be fixed if he restarted the pc :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

restarted pc but not working… also reinstalled Daedalus but same problem

You say same problem, but if you restarted PC, node already running is impossible. So tell us exactly what is the problem now?

Do you perhaps have some kind of firewall?

@Ghongha Hi btw Welcome, have you resolved the issue with Daedalus?