Deadalus wallet "Connecting to Network" someone can help me?

Hello, today I download Daedalus wallet and synced blockchain and then turn off deadalust wallet and when i tired to open again it showed me error “cradano-launcher” is already running, after that i turn off cardano-launcher, cardano-node and cardano-wallet-byron from task manager and when i tried to open Daedalus wallet its opened but now its showing this error. someone can help me ?

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did you try to reboot your pc? if so try to restart the node by pushing CTRL + D.

yes i tried to restart pc and also restarting node but not working

if you got your seed, try to uninstall the wallet, install it again and try to restore your wallet.

Or there may be something resident in the cache…

well that should be fixed if he restarted the pc :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

restarted pc but not working… also reinstalled Daedalus but same problem

You say same problem, but if you restarted PC, node already running is impossible. So tell us exactly what is the problem now?

Do you perhaps have some kind of firewall?

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@Ghongha Hi btw Welcome, have you resolved the issue with Daedalus?

i have the same problem, it just wont sync 100% , it always stops arroun 98% after 2 days running …i have restored my wallet , i have deleted my chain , its driving me crazy , can sombody help me out please , thnx

Id recommand using a lightwallet like Yoroi or Adalite if you have issues with Daedalus.

Sir can you please help me out?I downloaded Daedalus 4.2.1 version (Shelley) in my windows 10 i3 inorder to buy some NFTs, decided to go with this application . After downloading ; wallet sync with the node was taking a long time, now its 2nd day still its not synced. showing 97 percent , and it loosing the connectivity several times and i am trying very hard each time to move atleast by 1 percentage sitting infront.
After 80 percent , it showed my wallet receive address , thought i could connect and buy ; .
Transferred ADA from Binance and it showed completed ,not received till now still 3 perecent sync left.
How can i complete Daedalus application run properly in my PC?
Will i receive my ADA after the configuration got completed? or it get burned? lost forever? ​

I STRUGGLED VERY HARD, took 3 days but its synced and i received my ADA . Bought my first NFT.
Need lot of patience if your system is in the basic category.

It should not take 3 days. People with a working reliable internet connection should be able to do it in 4-6 hours.

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I hope Cardano team will work on the application and make it user friendly in future.

If yopu do not have a reliable internet connection there is nothing the Cardano team can do.


You were right erik, I think my CPU is just to slow to handle verifying the chain. Er’ somethin’


Hi Erik, I’m on a business line with dedicated IPs and battery backups. This has nothing to do with network equality.

As you can see, on macOS, files reside here: /Users/me/Library/Application Support/Daedalus Mainnet

I had the full blockchain a few hours ago (the folder remains nearly 16 GB), so what the app is presenting to me is very confusion.

Can we think about other cases, beside things out of our control


Thank you, and I hoe you have a great day.

EDIT: Yes, I’ve restarted and did a second install of 4.3.1.

Good suggestion. I disabled mine completely. This isn’t an issu.