Daedalus: "Cardano node is not responding"

Hello there,

after downloading Daedalus 2.0 to import my ADA and start delegating, with success I must say, today when I wanted to open the wallet again to send some ADA to my wife, Daedalus gets stuck saying that the node is not responding.

Anybody else has the same issue?

Click RESTART CARDANO NODE. If that does no good you could try restarting the machine. As a last resort you could reinstall the software. Please note, it will take a while to sync and you won’t be able to do much/anything during that time.

Restarting the node didn’t work, nor restarting the computer. Neither did restarting the router.

Reinstalling without uninstalling first was not working, so removed completely Daedalus and now installing. Let’s see…

Well, now the blocks are syncing, but the option to restore my daedalus shelley wallet is disabled. I’m stuck without being able to use my ADA.

For those watching this post and having the same problem, do not try to uninstall and restore. At least with this wallet version you won’t be able to restore. So you would be stuck like I am waiting to check if after the full blockchain sync is completed it allows me to restore, or for the version where restoring Shelley wallets is enabled.

Just wait and see if it reconnects like some people say in other posts.

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Finally, after the blockchain fully synchronized, I could restore my Shelley wallet.

Hola Antonio… exactly the same happens to me.

I have exactly the same issue now… solid software :joy: