Daedalus: "Cardano node is not responding"

It’s true. nothing works. the wallet is a disaster. It just hangs.

Any luck for anyone else on solving this issue?

looks like percentage counter is broken on the app it does not go beyond 0% but it works if you wait for a while


Correction! It didn’t work and the Customer Support is useless. The lag weeks without replying.

I have found a different way. Just uninstalling it and reinstalling it, helped me.
For uninstallation I used the following syntax (https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013170694-Uninstall-Daedalus-and-remove-wallet-s-data ):

chmod -R +w ~/.daedalus
rm -rf ~/.local/bin/daedalus* ~/.daedalus
rm -f ~/.local/share/applications/Daedalus*.desktop
rm -rf ~/.config/Daedalus*
rm -rf ~/.local/share/Daedalus

For instalation (https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000776446-Installing-Daedalus-Mainnet-on-Linux-):
$ chmod +x ./daedalus-4.2.0-mainnet-18540.bin
$ ./daedalus-4.2.0-mainnet-18540.bin

But it sucks very much even after it managed to sync my wallet with the blockchain. It keeps disconnecting from the network. And it takes about 20-30 min to reconnect. It’s just a pain in the back. I wouldn’t trust it to put my money there, as it seems very unstable and I am worried that I will not be able to access my money. For the moment I keep my ADA on Kraken as it works better and supports staking.

Has anyone else tried the other ADA wallets? How do they work?

its been weeks ive been stuck with my assets stuck there.
the sync is 99.9 percent, I come back after couple of hours and its 98.9 percent… all while my laptop is in full fan speed and god knows my data usage while doing so… my other holdings were in ADA bep 2, superb experience with that, but Daedalus is as shitty as its name, why the heck I installed this app?

I just deleted the folder mentioned above, app started immediately and with not much load on my system, it went straight into the app with not much “goat animations”
the sync started from 0 percent and with steady pace its climbing…
wish me luck
crypto shouldn’t be this headachy…

after 13hrs of leaving the software do its thing, abusing my pc and its cpu, finally the Daedalus app crashed. thanks guys, fantastic software, fantastic

Its is almost certain you are not meeting the system requirements, specifically the RAM requirements.

Your RAM may have been sufficient a month ago, but as the block chain and more importantly the size of the UTxO set grows, more RAM is needed. People in IOHK/IOG are currently working on schemes to move some of it to disk.

I don’t get it why and how I stumbled on to Daedalus because I think its for developers and such… not the end users! the Daedalus windows software shouldn’t have been suggested to me in the first place because clearly its not for likes of me! there are uneducated people out there and my case would be much common than we think. Support team pointed out that I can use Yoroi Extention and my problem is most likely because of system requirements. this all looks beta to me, why wouldn’t the Daedalus software warn me with a pop up or something for god’s sake! enough rambling and ranting I just wanted to voice my concerns over this, so the developers could see this and hopefully prevent this. clearly there’s long way to adaptation and this gives me hope that we’re in early and in front seats! and now I’m all good now and have gained access to my my wallet… for some brief moment I though I was in trouble and all my asset was going to be there for eternity! lol!

I do not know where you got that idea, but its not correct.

I’m always having issues with Daedalus for Windows. I think it’s already the 5th time that I’m re-installing it.

Yesterday it crashed after updating to 4.2.1. I did the uninstall and deleted all the files and re-install the whole thing. It worked today in the morning and now it’s stuck again at 99.5%. Nothing worked. Tried inspecting logs to get some useful info. Nothing found so far. I’m just re-installing again…

I also want to pair my Ledger Nano S with Daedalus. Good luck. I did the whole process and troubleshooting. It does not detect anything. Just stuck on “Connect your device and enter your PIN to unlock it”.

I hope this gets better anytime soon. I guess I’ll just give Yoroi a try…

If you are not meeting the system requirements you will have a bad time. In that case Yoroi is worth a try.

This issue is infuriating and ridiculous. I created a wallet and transferred my ADA there but u the transaction has not appeared beacuse my wallet has taken 4 HOURS to sync. And the Cardano mainnet is still not open for the wallet to connect to.


Daedalus is a full node and therefore needs to download the full block chain. There are currently over 6 million blocks, so that is not going to be instantaneous. I have not done it for a while, but 4 to 6 hours would seem about right to me.

The also Yoroi, a light wallet which does not need to download the whole blockchain.

hi, my cardano node is not syncing. Has been at 3.7% for three days. I restart the node, reinstall, restart machine but no luck.