Chronic problems with Daedalus on Win11

I am running Daedalus 4.3.1 on Windows 11

This is a whine (sorry) and a question if the Daedalus team have soon to be implemented plans to update the app.

I do not have the slow sync problems (FTTH connection and SSD may be of assistance here), but 90% of the time I cannot start the wallet/node due to the “Cardano node crashed” error. The FAQ on the Cardano site basically says “whelp, delete and start again”. That is not helpful and this Cardano node crashing error seems to have been around for a while.

I cannot help but think of the SafeMoon fiasco that was brought to the attention by their failure to deliver a working wallet.

Well, in my experience Daedalus is not a working wallet, or a node. It is a time sink with unknown ability to do what it is meant to do - ie. there is nothing close to a “guarantee” that I can start it on demand and actually have it run and do what it is supposed to do.

Please help :slight_smile:

Does your machine meet the minimum system requirements ?

Those system requirements are even outdated. Daedalus currently needs more than 8GB of RAM.

Yes. Here is what Daedalus reports:


Platform version: 10.0.22000

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9.00 3900XT 12-Core Processor

RAM: 63.9 GB

Available disk space: 158.5 GB

If you are meeting the system requirements you need to look at the node logs to figure out why. I have no idea where they are kept on a Windows install, sorry.

OK, they are here: C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus Mainnet\Logs\pub

Here is what it shows during the latest node restart request and failure. Does this help?

e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node:Notice:19]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:42.47 UTC] received shutdown request
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.networkMagic:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] NetworkMagic 764824073
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.protocol:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] Byron; Shelley
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.version:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 1.29.0
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.commit:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 4c59442958072657812c6c0bb8e0b4ab85ce1ba2
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.nodeStartTime:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 2021-10-06 06:42:59.223875 UTC
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.systemStartTime:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 2017-09-23 21:44:51 UTC
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthByron:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 20s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthByron:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 21600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.addresses:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] [SocketInfo,SocketInfo [::]:53781]
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.diffusion-mode:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] InitiatorAndResponderDiffusionMode
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.dns-producers:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] [DnsSubscriptionTarget {dstDomain = "", dstPort = 3001, dstValency = 1}]
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.ip-producers:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:42:59.22 UTC] IPSubscriptionTarget {ispIps = [], ispValency = 0}

The last message means that the node is checking its local data store. I have seem this check can take up to 2 hours. If you kill the node before its completed this check, next time it starts, it does the check again from where it started last time.

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Daedalus doesn’t support Windows 11 yet since the official version was out October 5th (today) and only beta version ran since the summer… You are probably running Windows 10 Daedalus version that will get shut down by Windows 11.

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I see. OK I will restart it and let it run.

Perhaps a suggestion then would be to communicate this to a user a bit more gently. The sequence of events when I start Daedalus currently goes like this:

“Cardano node crashed”

This is the log post node crash:

e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.networkMagic:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] NetworkMagic 764824073
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.protocol:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] Byron; Shelley
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.version:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 1.29.0
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.commit:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 4c59442958072657812c6c0bb8e0b4ab85ce1ba2
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.nodeStartTime:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 2021-10-06 06:47:57.1838689 UTC
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.systemStartTime:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 2017-09-23 21:44:51 UTC
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthByron:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 20s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthByron:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 21600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.addresses:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] [SocketInfo,SocketInfo [::]:62814]
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.diffusion-mode:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] InitiatorAndResponderDiffusionMode
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.dns-producers:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] [DnsSubscriptionTarget {dstDomain = "", dstPort = 3001, dstValency = 1}]
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.ip-producers:Notice:3]e[0m [2021-10-06 06:47:57.18 UTC] IPSubscriptionTarget {ispIps = [], ispValency = 0}

I then click on one of the status icons on the bottom of the UI to go into the detailed status screen where it shows me this:

Cardano node state: Errored
Cardano node responding: NO
Cardano node time correct: YES
Cardano node syncing: NO
Cardano node in sync: NO

I then select “Restart Cardano node” which gets us back to the beginning of this thread. The status at the back end shows this:

Cardano node state: Running
Cardano node responding: NO
Cardano node time correct: YES
Cardano node syncing: NO
Cardano node in sync: NO
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Letting it run for longer and ignoring the message about the node not responding is the way. It is working now. Thank you.

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There is a quick and easy fix. When you get the message “cardano node crashed” click on the “wifi” icon and click on “restart node”. It will reconnect and resync. Works everytime for me when i get this issue.