Daedalus wallet is crashing all the time. After reinstall the same issue (solved). My experience

12.04.2022 My experience on debian 4.19.0-20-amd64 (buster):

Daedalus wallet does not work after a longer offline period. Node is crashing all the time.

So i updated the old 4.7.x-mainnet wallet to daedalus-4.9.0-mainnet. The problem does not change. It crashed again. Delete all daedalus content, stored blockchain and userdata too. Reinstall according to instructions. Wallet is crashing, again.

Results after a longer research on this:

  • Daedalus is not working with VPN (nordvpn), even not with disabled firewall and security stuff on vpn side
  • manually changed /etc/hosts file was a problem too.
  • if you can read “node crashed” in the wallet, no further fixing will work, until you reboot your pc (i killed all daedalus processes, not working, reboot!)
  • accepting low system requirements <10GB RAM in daedalus wallet, the button “Enable and quit” will crash your wallet for the next start. Reboot after enable this!
  • maximum ram to sync ADA blockchain on linux was 2,2GB on my machine. You dont need 10GB for the first steps. Higher CPU-load 38% on 8 threads…
  • install ./daedalus4.9x wallet only with user rights
  • if the wallet is working and starting for the first time, you dont need to download the complete blockchain the same day, ensure to quit the wallet correctly, then its no problem.

To uninstall a broken wallet, follow https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013170694-Uninstall-Daedalus-and-remove-wallet-s-data

Maybe i could help someone


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Thanks for the info.

I have had no trouble on Debian Bullseye, but I do have 64G RAM. I have not changed any of the default settings and I have it running as my normal user.

Do you think your problems are caused by lower RAM?

Are you meeting the minimum system requirements ? Daedalus will crash if you do not have enough RAM.

My wallet is running, if i give attention to the above things. I have 8GB RAM installed, if i start Daedalus wallet, there is only 800MB to 1GB more ram in use and daedalus wallet is not crashing because lower ram on my pc.

In addition to my first post,

  • if i had use vpn connection in my current pc session, daedalus wallet will crash. So, if i dont touch vpn after reboot and start daedalus wallet directly, all is fine.

You are right. Correction: Cardano Node process is killed by linux, if there is no more free ram.

I saw it on tty1 while running daedalus. After the wallet is synced, daedalus is switching to wallet overview and will start another process with more ram usage. This new process will be killed by linux (because of no more ram) and daedalus fall back to analysing on-disk blockchain again. So the wallet keeps running, but its syncing all the time.

Thanks for your help, i need more ram now : /