Daedalus wallet issue cardano node keeps on crashing

Hi, ive made a post earlier that was also about my daedalus wallet, because when i start my wallet it keep on giving me the same Message all the time “cardano node has crashed”. I was adviced to restart my PC and try again but this hast worked. Anyone know any fixes?

It is confusing to have more than one thread about the same issue. You should have replied on the other thread, or better still followed the advice I gave you there:

If it happens repeatedly best to go to the Telegram group for help. https://t.me/CardanoCommunityTechSupport

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Reported on community TechSupport group (Thx @RobJF) resolved by resetting checkpoint logs.

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Hello, I am gaining the same node crash. Might someone be able to help me with instructions to resetting checkpoint logs if this is the fix please? I have restarted computer and wallet multiple times.
Thank you!

Responded on telegram group :slightly_smiling_face: Lets continue there as we would need to check your log