Daedalus suddenly crashing


our wallet in Daedalus suddenly started crashing. We are unable to connect. Can someone help us with this? We already tryed everything what we found on this forum and also on internet as well. Our computer have higher requirements then recommended for Daedalus wallet. Thank you!

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There are currently some issues with the new update from Daedalus.

If you need access right now to your funds, please restore your wallet via adalite.io.

I get same issue
Waiting for update for way to fix.


Thank you for your fast answer. Do you have any specific information about it? Also is there any way to downgrade Daedalus to previous version? We are kinda busy now because we are minting and selling our FT and part of our buyers are waiting for their tokens… Also I want ask if we use adalite.io - Can we set up there amount of ADA which is sent with native asset? Beacuse for example in Yoroi wallet there is no way to set up this amount

Nope im sorry. I just know that the IOG team is aware about the issue and trying to fix it asap.

TBH im not sure about that as i dont really use Adalite myself. There are different community project wallets (like Typhon) which are able to do that but they may not be open source. If you are using a hw wallet it doesnt really matter.

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Okay… Once again thank you. One last question - Do you know at least how long it might take until they fix it ? Like if its matter of hours or days ? We need to provide at least some information to our community when we cant send them what they have paid for…

Nope im sorry. I assume that it doesnt take a few days but its just an assumption.

Ok, thank you !

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I too am having issues with the new Daedalus 4.5.0 update. I cannot connect the cardano node, ever. It’ll run for hours and nothing. I setup my wallet on my laptop and it took 5 hours to synchronize and connect, but as soon as I closed the app and opened it up, same issue - not able to connect (both desktop, laptop). I’ve reset all the computers. I’ve reset the internet/modem. I’ve made sure all computers are up to date.

Nothing else has changed on my setup except the new update.

I’ve reached out to IOHK team and they basically give me a generic answer, it’s really not useful at all.

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Check out here : Daedalus suddenly crashing - #2 by Zyroxa

Daedalus differs from other wallets in that it is a full-node, ie it runs cardano-node in the background. As a result, it can use up to 10GB RAM at times. When Daedalus crashes, it is most likely due to it consuming more memory than is available in your machine.

Set up a new wallet on a Ledger Nano X. You can then safely use any lite wallet.

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What is the size of your RAM?

Investigate the root cause of the crash ( dmesg -T | grep cardamo or look in the /var/log/syslog for ubuntu). This could be an of out of memory issue.

You need more than 8GB to run a Cardano-node connected to the mainnet. Daedalus is a full Cardano node.

Increasing the Linux swap space may help. Not sure how you can increase the swap space of a Mac.