Daedalus sync error

Please, my ADA are locked in Daedalus, the sync is not working as supposed, I already tried in 2 computers, this wallet is a mass.

I just have my seed, what are my alternatives?

It runs with a full node. If you do not intend to run one, you can use 12 word seed to migrate to Yoroi or if you’d like to work with Daedalus, share the latest node.json log from Pub folder and we can suggest next steps.


Yo tampoco pude abrir Daedalus porque ponia node crashed. Al final descargue la extension yoroi, cree una cuenta nueva con mi ledger nano s y e importe mis Ada directamente con mi semilla. Es lo mejor y dejar Daedalus. Aunque al paso que van las cripto veremos si para navidad queda algo de valor en algun sitio.

One of my grand kids Daedalus wallet is held in a laptop that is disconnected from wifi. The system is a nice small fast system specifically given to him for his crypto storage. When his wallet starts up the process seems slow. As it uploads the node data it can report a node out of sync. I have left it running and usually within 20 to 30 minutes it adjusts. I have had to close the wallet and restart. I wait 10 minutes between shut down and start up. This has worked for me every time. As recommended in other places open a Yuroi wallet and store your ADA there. I have also done that as well for another grandchild.

I really do hate these crypto systems. I lost 150,000 XLM due to a hard fork that took place when I wasn’t involved in the crypto space.Very expensive due to buying when it was priced considerably higher than it is today.

The Yuroi wallet was very easy and elegant.

If you are using a Windows machine that may be where the problem is found. Mt grandsons machine is a windows machine. It had to go through an update of Daedalus before it acted correctly. You may be fortunate and be able to simple restart with a new upload of Daedalus. Again this worked for us.

Good luck.