How to move coins out of Daedalus when you can't sync

I have been working with tech support but they keep closing my tickets. The first (successful) install of Daedalus worked fine. I was able to install and sync (albeit it took 10 hours or more). After I installed updates a few months ago, I have not been able to sync. I have done three pages of “fixes” recommended by the IOHK team. Nothing helped.

So now I am no longer interested in fixing it. I am interested in getting the coins OUT of the Daedalus wallet and transferring them back to Binance.

How do I do that? Surely I’m not the only one with this problem.

Thanks for your replies, and hello to the group

Understandable how you feel, are you on a Windows computer?

See the post below by @hayamoto_jr



Use the Daedalus restore function that’s under the minotaur icon, not the regular restore.


Download the Yoroi Chrome extension. You should be able to use your recovery seed from Daedalus to access your funds. Simply transfer the coins to Binance from there.

Second option, use a different machine. Do a one time install on a friend/family member’s computer and recover your funds there. Send them to Binance and then just uninstall Daedalus.

Best of luck!

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do you guys recommend holding all fund in Yoroi or Daedalus?

I have no problems with Daedalus and never had( running it on 2017 macbook pro)

Yes, your personal attack vectors are less, probably, I don’t know what you do :wink: than any exchange. Besides no regulatory body has control over your Ada on your private machine.

You can also make a paper wallet for even more security.

I use Daedalus for almost everything I do with my Ada.

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and what do you do with your :ada: ?

Thank you! Haven’t been here for a while, obviously :wink:

Sounds similar to issues I had, but then used ProtonVPN and was able to download entire blockchain first time. Used Proton as it has free unlimited use for 7 days