Daedalus connection/sync issue before and after update

I purchase some ADA in late 2017/early 2018. At the time I was able to download and utilize the Daedalus wallet to transfer and store my ADA from the exchange where I purchased it.

I was able to successfully access and utilize the wallet for several months then a the other day after a long period of not updating or using Daedalus I was unable to connect or sync the wallet. After multiple all night attempts I realized I needed to update my Daedalus wallet. I updated the wallet it the latest version and can’t connect.

I have a Mac with with Mojave 10.14.4. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have a 12 word phrase and a password but I honestly am not sure if it is for my ADA or something else. I have control of all of my other crypto assets on my ledger nano s or binance.

Any help much APPRECIATED!!

If you’re struggling to get Daedalus to connect, the easiest resolution might be migrating your private keys over to the Yoroi Chrome extension. Once you create a new account on Yoroi, you will be able to click the button in the top-right corner to migrate your Daedalus keys. You will be prompted to type in your 12 word recovery phrase, and all of the coins will be transferred over for you.

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THANK YOU. It worked!