Daedalus won't connect to servers

For the last day or so I haven’t been able to access my Daedalus wallet. It won’t connect and start syncing, it just times out. has anyone else had this issue? I haven’t seen it on the forums, many complain of slow final syncing times but mine won’t even connect

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Have you downloaded new version of Daedalus wallet? It wont sync if you have not.


Download from here https://daedaluswallet.io/#download, just install over the top of the existing installation.

I have, did yesterday evening.

Try downloading again, restart computer, turn off router and turn back on, and make sure time and date in computer is in sync with real time (use time seen on iphone). See if this works.

now when i do it errors out and says there is an issue accessing a node file. will reboot and try again this is becoming concerning, just trying to sync

let me know if it works.

Same thing is happening with me on my Mac. This is the first time I have not been able to download it. (I am following the official link)

I am having the same issue.

Make sure wallet is not up when you download. Had similar problem when downloading. You do not need to delete old wallet.

Great. Thanks.

I just rebooted the computer and ran the installer as administrator, it completed fine. Daedalus wallet still just stays stuck at “Connecting to network…” it doesn’t even get to syncing. Don’t think there’s anything else I can do on my end aside from try downloading whole blockchain on another computer?


I have run through these options and I am left with completely uninstalling and reinstalling, and resyncing from beginning and using my recovery phrase to recover. While I am able to do this, this is quite unfortunate

I’m sorry you’re having these difficulties. You might consider using another wallet.

I’m trying a fresh install on another computer, I don’t think this install is reparable.


Anyone having any luck. I can start the install and then get the error message “Error opening file for writing” suggestions for resolving? - Thanks

This is beyond reprehensible. Daedalus absolutely will not work on my computer. Turn it on, turn it off, upload this, download that, install the new latest and greatness upgrade, stand on your head and whistle the Star Spangled banner, nothing happens. Nothing works. I read a comment once a while back stating Cardano is a scam. I laughed my head off. But now my ADA is beyond my reach and I get one repeated automated message no matter how many times I explain their last response got me nowhere. I might as well have bought Bitconnect.

Maybe a stupid question: Are you sure that the disk space where Dadalus wants to be installed is not write protected?