Help accessing Daedalus wallet


Well over a year ago, I installed the Daedalus wallet on a computer and transferred some ADA to it. I havent touched it since. A couple days ago I loaded it up and after several hours it stopped syncing, was stuck at 69%, left it over night, still stuck. After googling I see that I have an older version and I need to update to a new one.

I decided to install the new version on a diff computer and recover it using my 12 word phrase. Much to my dismay apparently I wrote the phrase down wrong, because it says its an invalid recovery phrase. (the words are all valid, i guess i got the order wrong)

Is there anyway to get my wallet from the other computer? I can’t access anything because it wont sync, but is there a file I could move to the computer where it is synced? Or can I install a new version over top, or will that erase my wallet? Is there anything I can try or am I just SOL?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much

What version of Daedalus are you using?

Yes you can do that, no it will not erase your wallet. It is a perfectly normal way to update the software.

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It is version 1.0.3769

awesome, what folder/file should i backup before just to be safe tho?

You can get the location of the Daedalus data folder here, just copy it to another location as a backup.

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I backed up the folders, installed the new client, and it synced fine. However it loads as if there is no wallet. I can either create a wallet or restore from seed. Import wallet is greyed out. It created a backup wallet folder in the directory

Does that mean my old wallet is corrupted somehow and that’s why it didn’t just load it?

What should I do now?

thank you for helping

( Assuming you took backup from the profile where funds were visible, on your old machine)

  1. Close Daedalus
  2. Go to your backed up folder and copy the Wallet-1.0 and Secrets-1.0 folders.
  3. Go to current folder (eg: On windows, %AppData%\Daedalus).
  4. Rename Wallet-1.0-acid to Wallet-1.0-acid.empty and Secrets-1.0 to Secrets-1.0.empty
  5. Paste the folders you copied in Step 2.
  6. Start Daedalus.
    Note that you were on quite an old version of Daedalus, and the storage layout has been optimised since. Hence, once you start Daedalus now, you will be presented with a Migration wizard. The time taken by migration is heavily dependent on your effective IO throughput, it is advised to temporarily disable windows defender to get better performance.

Feel free to join the community techsupport group on telegram for a quicker response/discussion.

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I followed the steps, but wasn’t presented with a migration wizard. It loaded, showed that it was 100% synced, then took me to the same screen where I can create a wallet, restore backup from seed, and the import is still grayed out. I checked the folder, and it backed up the pasted wallet-1.0 folder and created a wallet-1.0 acid

Migration Wizard does not show a sync % , but a restoration bar at the top
Would be easier to discuss on telegram instead.
Sounds like the backup you took (for the mentioned folders) was of an empty wallet?

I am having the same issue. The only difference is that I do have my phrase and my wallet is empty after I installed the new version. How can I synch my wallets from version 1.0.3769 to the lastest Daedalus version? The old version does not have the Secrets files. I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks

Sorry but this cannot be the same issue, too much has changed in two years. You should start a new topic describing your issue as carefully as possible, giving as much information as you can.