Can't Open Daedalus Wallet [solved]

I had moved about 95%of all my Ada to Daedalus wallet to keep them safe.
But since then for more then 3 weeks, I am not able to open the wallet.
I have gone through FAQ and tried internet time syncing, making both Node and Daedalus exempt from virus program and turn off PC completely and turn it on (using Spectrum).
But when I selected shortcut of Daedalus it does not start (tried selecting run as administrator as well).
So I have selected open file location from shortcut of wallet and tried selecting Daedalus and when I do, all I get is “Connecting to network” screen.
And I tried leaving it like this half a day but still I can’t access my wallet.
Can you please help me? I had not updated wallet yet when I accessed the wallet last time.
Should I try download latest version of wallet while still keeping the current version?
And I am a bit concerned to try it but as long as I have recovery phrase of wallet, I can delete current one and install update one and be able to access all of my Ada safely? If there are better solutions, please guide me.
My current wallet version is 1.0.3769.
I also had emailed to on 4/29 but have not received support yet.
Thank you very much

I’d say your best bet at this point is to download and install new version, it will overwrite old version, no need to delete old one, except if you created any extra shortcut, in which case you should delete that shortcut. Run updated Daedalus and report what happens back here.


It worked and I am able to open Daedalus after syncing process was done
(Had deleted shortcut of older version and used shortcut of update version to open wallet).
Thank you very much for your prompt help. My weeks of problem has been resolved overnight.
And should I keep the folder/files of previous wallet to be safe or will it cause problem in future update?
Lastly, should I be not use registry cleaner like Ccleaner? Or using such tool will not affect the wallet?

Thank you very much!

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Glad to hear it’s working for you. You don’t need to do anything with the folder/files of previous wallet. A good registry cleaner like Ccleaner will not affect the wallet.

To me, it’s high time Cardano team to look into the wallets issue. Day in day out people complain about the wallet either it’s having a problem or not seeing the coin on the wallets. And my question is, when will Cardano team solve the issue of the wallet? To my own view, if the wallets were to be working perfectly Cardano won’t have been in the current price as we are seeing today.

The Daedalus v0.10.0 release, which is under review and will be released this month, will contain the asynchronous restoration feature.

User is able to straight away see the wallet’s balance and existing wallet addresses while wallet transaction history is being fetched in the background.


Awesome! Thank you very much

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