Daedalus wallet not launching after upgradre

just upgraded Daedalus to the latest version an now it won’t launch
ConfigurationParseFailure “configuration.yaml” (AesonException “Error in $ [‘mainet_staging_short_epoch_wallet_win64’}.core: When parsing the recordConfguration of type Pos.Core.Configuration.core.coreConfiguration the key memPoolLimitTx was not present.”)

Hi! You might have to reinstall the wallet from scratch then (only if you have your 12 secret words available).

  1. Uninstall it using "C:\Program Files\Daedalus\uninstaller.exe"
  2. Delete directory "%appdata%\Daedalus" completely
  3. Download latest version from daedaluswallet.io
  4. Install and restore your wallet from the 12 secret words

Sometimes rarely update may come in conflict with the local state of the wallet. Installing it from scratch is the cleanest and safest option.

great, thanks for the advise …i have the 12 secret words available…ill try it in the morning as its 2am over here at the moment …

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i have nothing just wont open after upgrade

thx guys rebooted computer and it worked , fully upgraded


    May 29
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vantuz-subhuman - just letting you know that I followed your instructions and the wallet has now been restored…thank you very much.

just a matter of interest - is there any added value in renaming the "%appdata%\Daedalus"directory, instead of deleting completely??

May be useful to save time upfront and keep a backup just in case. But once you have restored correctly - it may be removed to not take up the space.

Hi there,

Wondering to implement the changes in latest version Daedalus wallet, do I need to fully uninstall & reinstall the wallet, sync blocks, restore the account by using 12 recovery words, OR I can simply click “upgrade” from my current version Daedalus wallet or some other simpler ways to get the updated function?


Hello. If Daedalus shows you an update invitation when you open it, something like this:


Then you can just click “Update and restart” and follow instructions.

If it does not show you this, then just close, download latest version from daedaluswallet.io and install it on top of the previous version.

Cool, thanks a lot for the clarification.

I think I will need to delete and reinstall the wallet, restore account etc. in case the “upgrade and restart” bottom does not show in the interface?

No. If it does not show you the button, then just close it, download latest version from daedaluswallet.io and install it on top of the previous version.

Thanks! Will have a try on that soon.