Upgrading Daedalus or not?

Hello everybody,

I have right now instaled the 0.11.1 Daedalus version (windows 64 bits) and It works good.
Is there any risk to keep this version or should I upgrade to avoid any issue.

Thanks to all the community and be safe. Success will occur !

I always upgrade it to new version, because it is logical that new is better and usually safer in case of wallets


your wallet should be auto updating anyway, you are likely on the latest version already

I am having a nightmare with the update. I have had the wallet for months and have never had an issue but this new update won’t sync. I have tried everything posted, nothing has worked to this point. I have been a Cardano champion since February but this update really pisses me off.

after uninstalling did you remove daedalus folder from users/appData/daedalus/roaming? you will need to recover your wallet using your secret phrase if you do… but uninstalling and then removing that folder before re-installing should definitely fix it

latest update has been flawless for me

note: auto update feature wasn’t funcitioning on a specific version of daedalus so a manual install of the latest copy was needed, this happened a few weeks ago iirc… that version also had a syncing issue as well

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I have removed everything I could find. Wallet starts at 99.22% and won’t move. After 5 minutes it asks if I want to send a report. I have a Surface Pro 3 with a 250 meg modem. Firewall is off. All the latest updates. Still stuck.

  • verify you have your secret phrase
  • uninstall
  • remove folder c:/users/username/appData/roaming/daedalus, appData is hidden by default so load “file explorer options” and tick show hidden files if you can’t find it
  • reboot and then verify you have space free on c:\ of at least double your ram
  • download latest copy from official website and install
  • use your secret phrase to recover your wallet

Found it. I have the rest covered. Hopefully this works. If not I will try another computer tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

best to try on another computer first so you can verify secret phase

Too late for that. I have my phrase. I opened this wallet on 2/10/18. I am disappointed that it failed now. I know bugs are to be expected but I am used to Cardano always working.

as long as you took care whilst writing your secret phrase you shouldn’t have any problem, i am sure you’ll be fine, let us know if it worked out

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