How I update my Daedalus.. Please tell me right way

How I update my Daedalus… Please tell me right way

If you are on 0.12 or higher, you can either sync the wallet to 100% and wait for a bit so that it shows you a prompt to update, OR just download the latest installer from website and install over existing one.

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Hello @SUMIT1387, did you manage to update it?

Please send me process of updates link…
How I update my wallet…

Of course. Could you tell us what happens when you launch Daedalus? Have you reached 100% and do you see your wallet? When did you last install this version?

:arrow_right: If it’s been several months, I would suggest to download the latest version on ,
then install it, on top of the existing one, without uninstalling your previous version.
This is one way to do it.

:arrow_right: Here is another way: If you have updated Daedalus recently but still want to have the latest 0.13 version, the normal procedure is as follows:
1- Launch Daedalus
2- Wait for all the blocks to be synced, it can take hours depending on how long your last launch has occurred
3- When you reach 100%, you should then see your wallet
4- On the top of the wallet interface, you should see an update button, click on it then follow the instructions on the screen.

Let me know how it went!