RE: latest Daedalus Wallet Installation

To update to the latest version of Daedalus Wallet, do I need to un-install the older version first then install the newer version? I didn’t update when Daedalus asked me to update within the wallet because I thought manually download from the Daedalus website and then install would be safer.

Thank you

Both is possible. I just updated from within Dadalus, other people of the forum did it manually. There should not be much difference. Why do you think that updating from within Dadalus is more unscure?

I would like to hear some opinions on the syncing speed of the new Dadalus. I can’t see any difference to the former version. After listening to Charles’s AMA I had the hope that there is quite some advantage in syncing speed. For me it’s between 12s and 30s per 0.01% which is quite some time if I weren’t online for a week or so. What are your experiences?

The last time I tried to update within the Daedalus wallet it didn’t work
After getting instruction from support team I had to delete data folders which took a very long time because the large amount of data stored
Then I manually restore the ADA account
Also a member on the forum told me it is safer to update by directly downloading Daedalus from website then install
Thank you for your input
Happy Holidays