Updating Daedalus from 0.8.0 to 0.12.1. Best to delete and install fresh?

I’ve got a laptop I’d like to install Daedalus on. I have an old version of Daedalus on it now. Version 0.8.0. I started the update process and it’s been going for about 36 hours. 24 hours ago I took a screen shot of the Syncing blocks progress and it was 85.08%. Shortly after that it went DOWN to the 84% range. But I can tell it’s still working by the modification timestamps on some of it’s files.

Would I be better off to completely delete this version, download version 0.12.1, and start fresh?

And if so where on a Mac do I look to find all the files? Obviously the app Daedalus in Applications. And probably the support files in ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus ? Anything else?

Version 0.8 will not be able to complete the sync. There was a network update which required users to use 0.11.2 or higher. About starting fresh v/s upgrading, the results are quicker with starting fresh due to the storage optimization process introduced in >=0.12 releases. See details.

Coming to next steps, in the folder you mentioned, just rename DB-1.0 folder to DB-1.0_old and then install Daedalus 0.12.1. The sync would start from 0% , but you would not need to enter your seeds.
(PS: Wallet migration post completion of sync would still occur, but a lot quicker)

Thank you. Installing fresh makes sense. And it’s the only option which makes it even more better. :slight_smile:

I actually do not have a wallet on this machine. I never created one there. The only wallet I have is on my desktop iMac. I’m setting wallets up on a couple machines to learn how restoration works. How to transfer Ada to another wallet. And all that basic stuff.

Ah I see. Cool
If you dont have a wallet that you need on that instance (i.e. a dummy wallet with 0 balance ), yeah you can just delete entire ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus and install 0.12.1, to avoid going through the restore (wallet migration) process for that dummy wallet too.

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Thanks. I already started the process but that’s good to know. At some point I may want to blow the whole thing out and start again on a new version.