Looking for TIME SAVING advice on old wallet synching

HI Everyone…
I am hoping to get some time saving advice to a common problem - I could read read and study, but hoping someone can quickly tell the best quick solution.

I bought some ADA in Jan.2018 and have not opened or touched my wallet since then!! Right now I want to buy some more ADA but first want to get my wallet synched…

When I try to synch my old wallet it goes for days and finally at 25% synched I suspect it might never synch… What should I do?

Should I download a new DAEDALUS WALLET? …and start all over again? I still have my private keys.


Yes, in that case I would uninstall the program, delete the data folder, install latest version and recover wallet.

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The new wallet is 1.6? Can be downloaded at IOHK??

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Version 0.15.1 https://daedaluswallet.io/#download


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