Trying to update to 1.4 but I'm stuck at 99.60%

I synced my wallet yesterday just fine. Today I’m stuck at 99.60%. I’m trying to download the new update. As far as I know the update is automatic once the wallet is fully synced. Any help??

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If I were you I’d do the update manually. Reboot first to ensure no bit of Daedalus is running in the background.

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I restarted my PC, and that seemed to have worked. Wallet is syncing now.

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My wallet has synced and now restoring. Restoring is taking ages, in fact after three hours, the progress shows at just 2%. Shall I reboot or refresh?

Restoring is supposed to take a long time. I’m going to wait it out.

Rob, daedalus began restoring the wallet but did not ask for private key. Is this part of the process? Thanks.

Also, it is recommended that if you have windows, to temporary disable windows defender, as it can prolong restoration.

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Yep you’re right … forgot to turn it off! Thanks for reminding me

I seem to be stuck restoring at 16 percent, says 2 weeks, 4days, 17 hours 21 min 26 sec. that was after restart of my Mac Mohave

Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Thanks for your help

Is it possible on my laptop to restore an earlier backup version incase hence an earlier Daedalus.wallet.
A. I may not have my backup keys to the wallet
B. If the system restore works I can send my ADA to a more secure wallet

Then I can Delete the wallet and download a new wallet with new keys

I am on a Mac with a 2.4 mhz prossessor
4 gigs of memory
1 terabyte of storage

The current upgrade to daedalus 1.4 says I have 2 days forit to finish and many pages with red and orange ink a flashing on each node at about a nano second barely noticeable by the eye this usually appears as each node is completing

I,m moreinterested in knowing if the wallet restore to an earlier version say last week will allow me to send my ADA to a safe place

Thank you for your help

I am on a Mac with a 2.4 mhz prossessor

Pretty sure that is a 2.4 gigahertz processor :slight_smile:

4 gigs of memory

That is a relatively low amount of memory. It should be fine if you are not doing too many other things on the machine at the same time. However you should not expect Daedalus to behave/perform well if you are syncing the blockchain from scratch and simultaneously doing a lot of compute intensive work on the machine.

Thanks Erik but what I was asking is can I restore my from a previos backup of a week ago and access my wallet send my coins to another safe place so if the wallet crashes and I dont have my pass keys 12 words is this theoretically possible to do. I already know I have low resources on my system I want to secure my ada if the wallet doesnt sync and I dont have the keys to download a new wallet.

Ive been having the same issue. very unfortunate