Wallet restoration is in progress 99% (1 minute, 4 seconds)

Once again I have reloaded DB-01. The chain synched up and went straight into wallet restoration. It got to “Wallet Restoration is in Progress: 96% (5 minutes 36 seconds left ) and remained there for a day (maybe 2) before I shut it down. I restarted the wallet yesterday and have gotten to 99% (1 minute 4 seconds). Just now I restarted again and Daedalus has resumed at 99%. There is also a message " Your transaction history for this wallet is being synched with the blockchain.” This even though I can see all of my transactions. Is it possible that it takes longer than 24 hours to get the last 1-4%?

Before I once again delete both folders (system and app data) , is there a simpler or better solution?

As a Hodler it seems it is time to give up on this current version of Daedalus and print a paper wallet.