Wallet Restoration 0% progress


I updated to the latest Daedalus version. It has been stuck on 0 % restoration for an hour and showing it will take 3 days and 8 hrs. Should I delete and restore it ?


The restoration time keeps changing but remains on 0%


Hi magnetar,
Click on the top left menu Daedalus -> Network Status -> Cardano Node Actions : Restart

Wait about 30 seconds, then close the Network Status window and check that sync % is going up on Daedalus. If that does not work, try closing Daedalus and restart the computer. Then re-open Daedalus.

Here is a video for reference showing the Network Restart


Can you post a screen capture? Like is it restoring, synchronizing or migrating? It is 3 different things so I want to make sure I understand it correctly.


It says wallet restoration in progress 0% ( 2 days, 25 hrs, 25 min).
Blocks are synced 100%.
I tried closing Daedalus and restarting the comp already.


The node restart did it. The percentage is going up now. Thanks.


Hi Ricky,
Please find attached screenshot. The wallet restoration initiated after upgrade to 0.12.

Thank you


I understand the issue now. Please see the video link I left you on the other post. There is a possibility it will fix this problem.