Wallet restoration is in progress

Dear Tech Community,

I have Daedalus 0.12.0 installed on Windows 10, and recently I have been asked by Daedalus to initiate automatic Wallet Restoration, which is stuck at 29% (1week, 5days,12hours, 22min, 33sec). My Windows Defender and Firewall are disabled but no progress so far for more that 1 day.

Can you please advise how to troubleshoot this problem.

Thank you

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@Bujar_Lushta Hello Bujar,
I made a video for this problem. The link to this video is set to the 4:39 point where a possible fix for this problem is located. This method is not guaranteed to work but so far several people have reported that it has fixed their wallet with the same problem you described.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ricky,

Thank you for sharing the video, it worked like a charm.

I renamed the DB-1.0 folder, let it synchronize the blocks, and now it is fine.