Daedalus Wallet Restore Still taking insanely long after 1.4 update

Is anyone else still experiencing long wait times restoring wallets on Daedalus?

Am currently trying to restore a wallet now at 35% complete (been maybe 45mins so far) with another 45mins showing on progress estimate.

I thought the 1.4 updates was supposed to improve restore and syncing times?

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That is fast! :smile:

Lol It did used to take longer but really is 1 and half hours meant to be fast?

Mine is not finishing the synchronisation process. It got stuck at 93.16%.
I already removed the old Blocks and even the wallet (as advised by support desk).
But it is now again stuck at 93.01%
I guess at the same point as yesterday, only due to new blocks between yesterday and now, this point is 93.01%
As I read more people with the same issue, this sounds more like a technical issue (bug) which several among us suffer.
I guess we just need to wait till this is resolved.
This is anyway what I am going to do …

rjvanes I had the same problem with syncing being stuck at 90 something percent but was able to resolve it by uninstalling the app, downloading the latest version of daedalus from cardano.org and reinstalling. After it installed it was able to continue syncing and eventually completed. Then once updated old wallets automatically migrated which also took around an hour or 2

Don’t know about “meant to be”, but this is fast compared to what others are seeing. For instance in my case sync+restore took around 24hrs in total. But it’s doing other things on top of a normal restore so you can’t compare with that.

Oh wow! I understand why Daedalus being a full node takes time to sync compared to something like yoroi but I do wonder if its absolutely necessary for wallet restoration to take so long.

If a substantial speedup without a serious trade-off was available I’m sure they’d have used it. Why wouldn’t they?

Thanks a lot. That did the trick!
It is now almost done.

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An hour or 2 to restore your wallet? I’m jealous. Mine ran overnight and was a quarter of the way this morning. Let it run while I was at work and it disconnected sometime during the day. Back up now and it looks like this will be about a 4 day process.

Note: this seems to be an internet connection issue more than anything

It took me 20 hrs but all good now. Just transferred some coins from Binance into the wallet without issues.

Try turning off your virus scanner, it may be scanning the migrating files which could slow things down.

I did end up playing around with the antivirus/firewall and with adding all the cardano node instances to the public network permission list plus pausing antivirus sped it up about 4x.

I did try turning off antivirus but it didn’t make any difference on my restore time which by the looks of the above comments appears to be fast in comparison.

Mine ran for about a day.

Turns out your hard drive has a lot to do with how long this will take. Solid state drives fair much better.

After many days(!!) and multiple emails back and forth with IOHK support, I was finally able to sync and restore my wallet. It turned out that v 0.11.2 + Cardano SL 1.3.2 wasn’t working, thus, the incredibly long and inefficient sync and wallet restore times. In the end I was told to install a new update (0.12.0# Although this too took approx. 18 hours to sync, it did complete that phase and then I was able to restore my wallet (another multi-hour operation). I’m seriously thinking of moving all my Cardano to an exchange even though that’s a risky move, but I’m really tired of the problems I have every time the Daedalus wallet needs what should be a simple update.

Oh, one more thing: I learned from some of these posts that my computer clock may not be in sync with the internet, so I also unclicked “set date and time automatically” in my clock’s preferences. Can’t state unequivocally that this was needed, but I was willing to try just about anything to finish this process.

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CryptoCrazy I totally understand your frustrations. I’ve been posting about long restore times for what feels like a very long time now. From what I understand it has something to do with the style of addresses Daedalus uses. I’m not 100% sure about this but I believe restore times are going to be near instant in the future when the new address schemes are fully adopted.

With the next iteration of Cardano (1.5) we’ll see Daedalus moving from the current inefficient random index wallet scheme to sequential index, which is what Yoroi uses. With this fixed, restoration times will be in the minute range for new wallets instead of the current hour range.