Daedalus wallet + restoring a wallet

How long does it normally take for a Daedalus wallet to restore ? Almost 6 hours for me now. Daedalus bugs keep on givin… just when you thought all was sorted, sigh😅.

Restoring your wallet can take a long time as it has to transverse the whole blockchain to find you.

Next time backup your wallet folder to a safe place, like an encrypted USB drive.
For easy cross OS encryption you check out VeraCrypt.

Mac backup this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/Wallet-1.0

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Please feel free to contact me day or night with questions or queries,
always happy to assist.

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I have been on this restoration for 9hrs now, I have not seen such in my entire life. It is one thing to have a solution that works but is another to have a solution that meets the need of users. That is the difference between a successful product and a ‘Not Successful’ product.
This wallet is the worst i’ve come in contact with, ideologies behind it restricts it from being user friendly which is key.
I cannot wait to restore the wallet and move my ADA to an exchange. I’d rather take the risk just to enjoy ease of accessibility over the stringent methods the wallet ties one down to.

As my Mba lecturer would say “Academians make bad businessmen”.

Wish you guys the best of luck.

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Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not yours. Your coins are safe on the blockchain as long as you still have the list of secret words . In fact they are safer now more than never given that no GUI (Graphical User Interface) are connected to them.

The problem you’re having is only a small one and probably due do your internet connection /firewall / ports forwarding/ antivirus as it often is. I’ve had zero issues restoring multiple wallets.

On an exchange, technically speaking it’s not your money because you are not the owner of the private keys. The exchange is. That is the vulnerability of centralised systems. The exchange can get hacked/ shutdown by authorities / freeze your account without notice etc… and you can either permanently lose your coins or your access to them. It has happened before and it still does.

Did you try to connect using a VPN? Where exactly are you stuck? Reinstalling Daedalus usually takes around 9hours with a good connection, then around 30mn to restore your wallet.

Be patient, there are no problems, only solutions :slight_smile:

Hello CosmosX,
Thanks for the response. You may not have been at the point that you are frustrated, you can opt for anything besides the one that is giving you headache.
I totally understand your point, believe me I know the repercussions of moving to an exchange. But with what I’m facing, I’m actually looking at selling off my ADA and buy a prospective ERC20 Token that can be stored on MEW without issues.

Now, let’s focus on the main issue. I have been restoring my wallet for 12-13 hours now. I do not have an antivirus on my MacBook and my internet speed is slightly manageable(unless you’re suggesting that to use the wallet I need the backbone of verizon?).

My internet speed is between 3Mbps - 5.2Mbps

I do not use VPN.

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What does the screen look like? Connecting to network? Syncing blocks XX%?

Thanks CosmosX, the wallet is fully restored and I’m moving to an Ex to sell off. May be use the money to get into a good ICO.


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You’re welcome. Hope you won’t regret it given the big milestones approaching for ADA.
On that note, wish you best of luck!

Thanks, I’m glad I sold at a good rate b4 the tanking. Will get back in soon, maybe when I see an upward movement. But for now I’ve tucked into an ICO that would make me minimum 5-10x by 1st, March 2018. I doubt if ADA would have woken up from its Coma.
Thanks for looking out.


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