Daedalus wallet taking forever to restore

Why is it that my Daedalus wallet stops working after every update, and I have to spend hours figuring out a solution? I have to delete it and all files associated with it before reinstalling, and now I’ve been waiting over 13 hours for my wallet to restore.

Is there a way to fix this?

Restore does take a long time, though I hear it’s much faster in the latest version.

As for updates causing such problems, you say you have to figure out a solution each time, which suggests different causes each time, so I’d guess “a fix” is unlikely. My guess: you’ve been unlucky. Sorry!

At least you have other wallets to look forward to now.

Well I have a good sum of ADA in the Daedalus Wallet and I cant open it up now going on 2 weeks and I AM PISSED OFF- delete all files and it takes forever, this is frankly BS, Ledger Nano S is a hard wallet and probably the best, but its easy very- Daedalus is something that is to technical - still cant get my wallet to work but they better get a solution or my Attorneys will take action

Your attorneys will read the FAQ, then make a topic in #communitytechnicalsupport where they describe the problem in more detail?

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My wallet is stuck on 99.80%. I am afraid to stop it as I will loose all my ADA! Is there a solution to this wallet?

You wont loose anything, as your ADA is safe on the Cardano network as it’s not in your Wallet.

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Thanks for your reply @_ilap. But why does this wallet gives so many problems?

I do not know, really, as I did not track down this kind of issues. Yes, it has some resiliency issues, but it can be multiple reasons why it behaves as is. Read through the official FAQ.

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Cheers @_ilap