Help me please going crazy

I downloaded the latest Daedalus Wallet and bingo it opened up with my balance, then a few days later it was a timing issue, I resolved that and saw my balance, now it is syncing at 98.3% and that is it the wallet does not open up. So I get a report issue and I type everything that they want and I don’t hear back from Zendesk, I have called zendesk out in California several times and get no support available. If anyone that works for Cardano I need help, I have a good sum of ADA and the price is very low now, and want to buy more, but if you cant open up the wallet what good is it. I get it you want the wallet to be secured but I have the Ledger Nano S and its great no problem thinking your making this to technical, you need to upgrade this wallet so syncing the blocks is a breeze. NOW HOW DO I OPEN UP MY WALLET PLEASE Thank you Owen

It looks like you have taken the proper steps, opening a support ticket, good job.

If you still need assistance, what operating system and version are you running?

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How can I get one on one to resolve my issue that is going on 2 weeks- This is really Ridiculaus

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Windows 10


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Try Daedalus FAQ, page 10, #209 Fix B.
Daedalus needs to be stopped while you execute these steps.
Be sure you have your 12 word recovery phrase.

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Ya…had the same issue. I deleted the wallet and restored. I was paranoid in thinking that someone stopped the traffic to make me restore to get the seed. So, I just bought a new cheap and more likely “clean” computer. Works fine now.

Delete block at DB1.0 at %appdata% at daedalus

Delete/uninstall the wallet and everything for Daedalus in the %appdata% folder, then download and reinstall. Use your seed to restore and put a spending password on it. Done.

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