Re: Update to latest Daedalus Wallet

I opened my Daedalus Wallet today and there is a reminder to update to the latest version, I click “update and restart” and waited for several minutes but nothing happens, has anyone else encountered the same problem and how did you resolve it?

Thank you

You can download and verify that download from and install over your current copy.

I do not think an automatic update of Daedalus should be done, at least not yet, not as secure as verifying the software yourself.

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I will try that right now

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Let us all know how it goes. :grinning:

It worked, so from now on should I just download the newer version from the website and install over the older version instead of doing the automatic update within the Daedalus wallet?

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I would, it is how I do it, safety first, at least for now.

Thank you so much, I can’t wait for Ledger support

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I just re-opened the Daedalus wallet normally and the update installed itself. I already cleared the previous version with the checksum method before, so the software it downloads should be from a trusted source?

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Yes, it should be from a valid trusted source that IOHK provides, but what if…
I’m as cautious as I can where I can be.

You can always not allow the automatic update to install, use it for notification purpose only, then download and verify thereafter, more work and a waste of bandwidth but I think it is worth it, as of right now anyway.

For sure! Nothing wrong with being as cautious as you can be.

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From the release notes:



Sometimes, after clicking on ‘Update and restart’ Daedalus will shut down, but the installation of the update will not start. If the user then tries to launch Daedalus within 60 seconds of Daedalus shutting down, the update will fail. The way around this problem is to wait for a minute after Daedalus shuts down and then start Daedalus manually. This will begin the installation process and avoid the problem.

Alternatively, the update can be made by downloading the latest installer from the Daedalus website and installing the new version of Daedalus manually. This will cure the problem."

By the way this happened to me as well. Wait a minute then start the wallet. Then it started the update process.


Checksum verification doesn’t provide security. If someone e.g. hacked the website and replaced the installers, they can easily replace checksums as well. Verify using PGP. See @rickymac’s videos for Windows and Mac. Once you’ve worked through the initial setup, this method is easy and convenient too!


Thanks for the info mate. I’ll have a look at it tonight.

Error opening file for writing:

C:\Programm Files\Deadalus\cardano-node.exe

Click Retry to try again, or Cancel to stop the installation.


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Hab meine Daedalus Wallet seit 10 Monaten,
bring es einfach nicht mehr hin!

100K ADA das sind manchmal die Momente wo ich zweifle!
Habe auch einfach Aktualisieren und Neustarten gemacht, wohl zu kurz gewartet.
Aber das kann doch nicht sein, das muss man doch Idiotensicher machen können.
Mach wieder seit Stunden umeinander und geht einfach nicht.

Da braucht sich keiner zu Wundern das das nicht viele mitmachen wegen der Nerven!!

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  1. “Just works.”
  2. Is as secure as Daedalus.
  3. You can transfer funds using your Daedalus 12 word phrase.

(Comparison of wallets)

Bitte ich will nur Zugriff auf meine Daedalus!
Warum überschreibt der das nicht einfach bei
Aktualiesierung der Wallet?

Check the FAQ.

If you want Daedalus to work again and don’t mind deleting your wallets, then you can try the procedure at item #209, Fix B on the FAQ PDF. Only do it if you have the 12-word backup phrase written down, because you’ll need to restore all wallets.

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Thanks Deadalus is going again since today!
I did it this way, and I rebuilt it.

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