Daedalus update

Hello everybody,

I have currently 1.1.5813 daedalus version.
When I open it, i have the following message on the top

"Daedalus and Cardano node update #6 is available.

Would you like to install the update? If you choose to postpone, the update will be installed automatically on the next Daedalus launch."

I have 2 options :

  • Update and restart
  • Postpone until restart.

When I click on “Update and restard”, My daedalus close and then open with the same message. No update have been done. Is it normal ?

I tought I could update daedalus directly without installing the new version.

Any help appreciated and thank you Cardano Community.

Not really. But you prolly can solve it by just installing the latest version manually. Download it from daedaluswallet.io and install it right over the current version without need to uninstall it. As long as you have 12 secret words from your wallet available - there is not problems possible. Whatever happens you can always restore the same wallet.

Thank you for your support,
When you say install it right over the current version, do you mean to choose the same folder used when installing the previous version ?

No, I mean that you don’t need to explicitly uninstall previous version. Just download latest installer and run it without changing anything :slight_smile:

I will try and tell you if my ADA are still there :slight_smile:

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