Daedalus wallet update

Hello team

Daedalus wallet installed on my mac is currently is of ver. 0.8.2.
I understand ver 1.1 is available but I can’t find the update button from the app. Can anyone help me with how I can update the wallet without having to deleting the current version and downloading and installing the new version?


When the update is available you’ll be offered the chance to download it. I guess you might have to restart Daedalus to see that, but it’s also very likely it’s not available to you yet, give it another 24 hours or so.

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For those that have been eagerly awaiting the Daedalus update (and don’t want to wait for the in-app update), you can also manually download the latest Daedalus Wallet Client software from:

Daedalus - Cryptocurrency wallet

Note: you do NOT have to uninstall your previous wallet version. Enjoy!:+1:


So it downloaded and installed successfully, but when I tried to run it, after giving permission (Windows), nothing happened. I gave it a couple of minutes then ran Task Manager and there’s no process named Daedalus or Cardano*. Disappointing! :frowning:

Found the relevant log file which says: Invalid option `–updater-windows-runner’


Edit: I’ve now messaged support via FAQ page.

Downloaded and installed successfully, working without any problem.


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Oops, stupid question deleted…

It is Windows 10.

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Could I possibly get to see your Daedalus.bat file???

Looking at the dates, my .bat belongs to the previous version.

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I have DM you the link.

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Just downloaded and it worked fine for me too guys


Thanks a lot James for taking the trouble but unfortunately it didn’t help, exactly the same thing happened again.

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Can you help me get to where you are? In the upper right hand corner of my wallet it reads Daedalus (1.0.3769) Does this refer to my windows version and if so how can I update that? Then my wallet version is 0.8.2. How do I get the new version? Do I download it over the old version? How does this work?

Upper left corner, click on Daedalus > About.

Download from this link Daedalus - Cryptocurrency wallet, install it with admin privilege. That’s it.

I have downloaded the new version but I am getting an error message. I think windows virus and threat detection is preventing loading. How do I turn that off?

Are you using windows? If yes, right click the installer file and click on “Run as administrator”.

I have rebooted my computer. I am seeing the virus threat defender shield overplayed on the Daedalus icon on my desktop. I try to run as administrator and nothing happens other than being asked if I want to allow this program. Nothing.

Using search bar, search for “Virus & threat protection” settings. Under Virus & threat protection settings you can disable windows defender and other anti-virus if installed.

I have tried it with virus and threat prtection and firewalls turned off. I can’t even open the old version now.

That’s normal, just click Yes. Don’t know what’s wrong with the old version but hopefully installing the new one will get around it.

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