Install newer version of Daedalus Wallet

When I install the newer version of Daedalus wallet over the older version (I was told I don’t need to uninstall the older version first) would I lose any coins in this process?

Thank you


From what I understand…the answer is No.
I have closed and opened the wallet several times waiting for the update to show up, but it keeps opening the older version without asking to update…I’ll try again tomorrow.

Good luck tomorrow, I will wait for a while before I install the wallet (currently I don’t have any version of the wallet installed on my PC)

Since I don’t have any version of the wallet installed on my PC so the problems some other people encountered when updating the wallet may not affect me I hope.

Since you do not have the previous wallet (version 0.8.2)…why where you worrying about loosing coins?..I read your first post again, and now you have me confused !!..your first post makes it sound like you do have the wallet installed (old version)…:thinking:
If you do not have the Daedalus wallet, go ahead and download the new version and install it…

Sorry, I was concerned about later when I try to update the wallet to even newer versions later on this year
Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your response

No problem, glad to help…One thing I know for sure…I would never leave my coins on an exchange for more than a few hours (and that is only if I have to)

Have a nice day

I downloaded mine from GitHub early this morning but you can just to the Cardano Hub to get the new version. Download right over the old one.

Do you mean install the newer version over the older version without uninstalling the older version (I was told I don’t have to install the older version first)

Yes, you do not have to uninstall the older version.

Thanks for the info

No problem:call_me_hand:

I downloaded new wallet but now the wallet is STUCK trying to open for 2 days now…I shut macbook down …restarted & re-opened Daedalus wallet & STILL stuck on connecting to network…for several hours…it did open a " report issue" window & I did…but no response yet!!!

Yeah you probably need to go ahead and do a complete reinstall, including emptying app-data folder… (go to Daedalus website, will show you how)

This is if you want to solve it yourself and asap… Though I have never had the connecting to network issue myself, so I dont know if it will fix that… Only have had it being stuck while syncing blocks.

There are still many problems with this wallet, that will be fixed over time, your ada is safe though… Its a wallet-issue… In fact mine just broke down today (second time)

I had the same issue on my mac. It was resolved after i disabled firewall and restarted. I enabled firewall after restart and its working ever since.

Hope this helps.

Have a look if your computer time is off from the real time.

I have read that it stays in ‘Trying to connect’ if your computer time is off for ±10 seconds.

so if I remove wallet from my mac I won’t lose my coins in it?

thanks tried it to no avail…still stuck

checked and still won’t open, thx tho