Daedalus Wallet Download


I am new to the community. I would like to download the Daedalus wallet, but am unable to. When I select Download, it tells me “We’re working on a new version of Daedalus normal right now. Please check back soon!”

It has been about a week of me checking back and receiving the same message. Does anyone know how much longer before I can download the wallet or if I am approaching this the wrong way?


Hi @SBAR129 . Welcome to the Cardano community. Yesterday, I checked, we still could download & install Daedalus for desktop in this link

I don’t know what happened in your computer. But you should be able to download & install it from that website directly. Please do try again. Hope it helps :+1:

Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, it is still giving the same message. Is there a setting on by browser or computer that might be blocking me from downloading? I am using chrome.

What link are u using?


I was using https://daedaluswallet.io/. I also tried the link that andreassosilo provided. I ended up figuring it out. My VPN was blocking the download process. Once I paused it for a moment, the download options appeared instead of the same message described above. Thank you both for responding and providing feedback.

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Hello Again,

I have downloaded the wallet. After doing so, my antivirus software ran a background check and found an infected item pertaining to the mainnet wallet pathway. It was automatically deleted when the report popped up. The threat was called JS/Miner.bu. Not sure what that is. I am hoping someone could help me understand. Was this an actual threat? Was it needed for the functionality of the wallet? Is my wallet compromised?


See this; nothing to worry


McAfee antivirus has detected a file called Miner.bu when installing Daedalus Wallet… I have downloaded the wallet from the main IOHK page

Can you kindly clarify this matter?

I think the AV McAfee thinks it is Miner.BU!tr see image… The names are very similar…

We need a quick response to this…

How to reproduce the issue…

Date: 29-07-2021

  1. Download Daedalus Wallet from https://daedaluswallet.io/
  2. Check the SHA256 checksum … This is fine…
  3. Start the installation on Windows 10 ( 64 bits ) with McAfee Endpoint Security installed and updated.
  4. The McAfee software detect JS/Miner.bu as a Trojan.
  5. According to McAfee https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB91846&locale=en_US this is a Trojan…

Can we please get a solid response to this?

Many thanks.

Open a case to IOHK daedalus team and wait for an official answer