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Hello the Cardano communitity,

I got an email from that I need to download/use the wallet Daedalus 0.11.1+ Cardano SL 1.3 .2.

Is it legit?

Thank you for your help.

No i don’t think so.
Is there also a link in the email?

Thank you for the answer. The mail says:

Dear community member,

This is an important support message from IOHK about the Daedalus wallet.

If you are not using the Daedalus wallet please ignore this email.

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, IOHK encountered a technical problem and made a change to the Cardano network which is not compatible with old versions of the Daedalus wallet, a new version of the Daedalus wallet (Daedalus wallet 0.11.1+ Cardano SL 1.3.2) was released. In order to use the Daedalus wallet, this new version must be manually downloaded and installed.

** article for more information and download instructions.

If you want to remove your account from our helpdesk please reply to this message with Unsubscribe and we will remove you.


The IOHK Technical Support Desk

I would not touch that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Be carefull with this post. He is new member 2 hour ago

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I flagged the post so a mod can delete the link before someone (accidentally) clicks on it.

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Thank you.

True and I understand your concern. I’m part of the Cardano community for a year and a half now but never sign in to participate to the forum as I am a noob. But I appreciate all the contents.

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I did delete the thing. I didn’t even know it could be bad to copy-past the email.

There was indeed this problem which was described in the email. But I don’t know if the email is legit or if someone just copycated it to send you a dangerous link. Don’t use links from emails.

If you use Daedalus and you didn’t update for months then download the actual version directly from IOHK and you will be fine.

Always use official go to sources for information, this forum is “official” but NOT the go to place.

Reporting Suspicious Social Accounts or Sites if you have suspicions or would like to report a scam, please email us immediately at

Don’t know why nobody gave him the correct link yet, seems the obvious way to go… (BTW, for the OP, this is a later version than mentioned in the email, but is definitely the one you want.)

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Thank you! I haven’t clicked on anything but copy-paste to show the forum. I didn’t update Daedalus for month.

Thank you for the wise advice and the links.

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Merci beaucoup Rob!

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It’s always smart to be safe, rather than sorry, and messages like these should be handled with caution. When was this email sent to you?
Please note that, if you have previously contacted IOHK (through Daedalus or otherwise) reporting a bug, connectivity error, or sent logs, you would have had to fill in your email address.

Did you do this? If not, then this email should be ignored, however, if you have, then it is a msg sent to all that have previously had some sort of interaction with IOHK technical support desk. (this was a few months ago, as far as I can remember)
This email was sent to make sure people manually updated to the latest Daedalus update at that time, after a Cardano SL ‘fork’.
If you haven’t recently updated, I suggest you to update by going to the official Daedalus website and download the latest Daedalus release there.
You can install it on top of your existing Deadalus installation. You generally don’t need your recovery seed, however be sure to double check you have stored your 12 recovery words properly, just in case.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask around. Good luck.


The email was sent the 29.11.2018. It was in Japanese and English. I had not reported or contact IOHK at all prior to that. I was minding my business, reading forums and taking care of my wallet about once a year. Thank you for your answer and advice. I appreciate.


I’d say it’s bogus for sure. I wouldn’t think they would single you out as opposed to one email for all and that would also make me think bogus.

Good luck