IOHK Statement: Cardano SL 1.3 release

IOHK is pleased to announce the release of Daedalus 0.11 and Cardano 1.3. It’s another step along the roadmap of Cardano development and delivers a better experience for users.

Daedalus 0.11 has a couple of user interface tweaks to improve the user experience, and includes some fixes in preparation for the upcoming release of Daedalus for Linux. Cardano SL 1.3 includes significant improvements to the speed of syncing the blockchain. Tests have shown wallet syncing occurring between 1.5 and 4 times faster, depending on network environment. The network relays can also support more users syncing at once which will reduce congestion at busy times. The release includes improvements to the on-disk storage of the blockchain to use fewer files and use less disk space. The release includes a fix for a problem where a node would sometimes fail to reconnect to the network after an interruption in the internet connection.

For exchanges and other third party integrations, the new wallet V1 API is now available and supported, and the old V0 API is now deprecated. A performance problem for exchanges seeing high disk I/O has been resolved.

Daedalus 0.11 uses significantly less memory, which is a benefit for users with older or less powerful computers, while other tweaks improve the user experience. Improvements to Cardano SL 1.3 mean that network performance will be enhanced. Exchanges will also see better performance.

The update will go out as an automatic update and users will receive a notification through Daedalus.


Will the wallet automatically update?

Yes, if it’s running it should prompt you and tell you there’s an update available.

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2 hours left. Downloading now.

never mind i didn’t realize i could update it straight from the wallet. it was instant.

i finally had the wallet working after months of trying and then it worked for a week , so i trust it enough to send my ada there. Now it doesnt work anymore. cant even connect to the network and have some warnings and i dont have a clue what it means . vendor.dll.js:27314 Warning: Accessing createClass via the main React package is deprecated, and will be removed in React v16.0. Use a plain JavaScript class instead. If you’re not yet ready to migrate, create-react-class v15.* is available on npm as a temporary, drop-in replacement. For more info see

anyone suggestions how i can get my wallet working to get my ada out ?

Nice job! Keep up the good work!

Bittrex ADA wallet has been inactive for a week. will it become active again? very very concerned.

Please create a topic in the Community Technical Support category. Mention the OS and Daedalus version you use as well.

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Hi Hayamoto,

I have a huge holding in Cardano and the Bittrex ADA wallet has been offline for a week. I have contacted Bittrex Support several times and they said they have no idea when it will be online as Cardano developers are working on it.

Then I contacted Cardano and was told that Bittrex needs to respond to that. Is IOHK involved in any kind of maintenance activity with Bittrex ADA wallet ?

Very very concerned.


hey i have problem with connecting to network. i never had before the problem untill i uppdate to 1.3 i try on me other pc i have same problem there too can some one please help me fix the problem?

Sorry you’re having problems, please start a new topic in Community Technical Support and give all the information you can.

It’s 100% Bittrex’s responsibility to release a status update on the situation. Whatever the issue, a week of downtime without a word is not okay. I’m sure everyone would appreciate the transparency, event if it’s just a “We’re on it” tweet.

I doubt any ADA has disappeared from Bittrex, they’re probably having wallet issues. Still, in the future remember that you don’t own any of the coins on an exchange. It’s best to store them in your own wallet. See Mt. Gox.

I cannot agree with you more. But what is scary is there is no way to reach anyone in Bittrex except customer service via chat and they said they cannot do anything about it, because Cardano developers have taken it off maintenance. AT a total loss to know how to proceed further as there is no email or phone contact support available. Any ideas on how I can contact Bittrex for this issue?

It is really very scary.


this is the link they provided for status

Does not say anything much except that the status was updated 5 minutes back.


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RIchard, do you know any developer that I can contact from Bittrex. There is no way to reach the people who can answer about ADA wallet status inactive on Bittrex.


cc: @shahida

Sorry for the concerns that this caused.

I have confirmed with the IOHK Developer team that Bittrex’s ADA wallet was taken down proactively for the Cardano 1.3 update. This is to ensure smooth transition with the update. It should be up and running soon. Thanks again for your understanding!



I just downloaded the new daedalus wallet version… and oh surprise…


This issue has been know for over 8 months, a new wallet version is released, and
this is still not fix.

I am really not impressed for such large project that the dev team
has not been able to solve the situation.

Because it’s not a single issue, it’s a complicated multi-factorial situation.

There are more network-related fixes coming in 1.4, due in October, I believe.

And the Yoroi wallet can reasonably be expected not to have these issues.

Meanwhile, if you want help, you should start a new topic describing the situation in as much detail as you can, in Community Technical Support.

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