Announcement about Cardano update

Network users should download a new version of the Daedalus wallet after IOHK made a system update today.

The update this weekend contains a minor software update. This follows a patch issued earlier this week to remedy abuse of large addresses, which could have been used to add inappropriate images and data to the blockchain.

The network is running well and at no point were user funds affected.

To make the update, users are required to download the latest version of the Daedalus wallet.

You must use this new version of Daedalus - you will not be able to use previous versions of Daedalus as the wallet will not fully sync to the network. Please go to to start your download.


Thanks @IOHK_Jane!

Is there a status page which shows current network statistics and planned upgrades / outages?
It may be a good idea if one does not already exist.


What about cardano-sl update? There are no new releases at github and master branch haven’t been updated either.

Also, will there be explanations about this?


No weekly technical report fort this week?

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Yeah, 770 blocks missing is a little concerning.


Hi everyone,
Please let all users know that they MUST download the new wallet from the web site. The auto update feature will not work for this update (as far as I can tell). The reason the auto update feature will not work is because the wallet has to sync to 100% and fully open before the auto update is available.

In this case, the older wallets will freeze the sync process at about 99.8% which prevents getting to the GUI with the auto update feature.


Works and syncing after download. Nothing lost.

Why there is no Linux wallet! Each time, I see no linux wallet and I use only linux. You guys work on an open source project but launch windows and mac wallets first! This is ridiculous!

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There are no “missing blocks” and nothing concerning about it. Slots may be empty and that’s part of the Ouroboros protocol. If you check the explorer - they show that around 500 empty slots happened since the beginning and before last night.

Core nodes just went out for some time due to the update and that’s why no blocks were created in that time. And then everything continued just the way it should.

I Downloaded the latest version of the Deadalus wallet and tried to restore my wallet. It was syncing after I tried to restore my wallet and then it got stuck at 100% syncing and getting report issues error. Please help.

In cardano-sl I’m seeing Failed to verify blocks: failure: [block's size exceeds limit (632.902 KiB > 32 KiB)] and get stuck in recovery mode. Is this related? I see no updates for cardano-sl, and my node crashes every few hours while constantly thrashing in recovery mode.

Answered in other thread. Please don’t post duplicates.

@RobJF sorry for duplicate post but cardano-sl is not syncing as a result of this error. I’ve seen no updates or guidance at all from the Cardano team except in private telegram messages. An update should be posted asap regarding cardano-sl.

1.4 next month will have a Linux release

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Thanks for your response @vantuz-subhuman!

While I understand that empty blocks are supported by the protocol, my concern was that the slot leaders were unavailable to mine. I’m sure there will be ‘lessons learned’ from the exercise and the upgrade process will be refined for future use.

@IOHK_Jane do you know how many test / dev instances the IOHK team use for testing such changes prior to implementing them on the production nodes?

the explanation is good