Daedalus not syncing

Since today Daedalus is not syncing anymore and get stuck on 99,93%, first time I got problem with the wallet.
Anyone got a solution to fix this issue?

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Mine’s been stuck all day. Seems like a lot of people are having the same issue today.


ok thanks, apparently they are updating the network

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ah, I should have checked forums before deleting DB and trying to re-sync :joy:

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For the people with syncing issues, please update Daedalus. A new version is available at https://daedaluswallet.io/


the update is not available in the wallet as always???

That’s right. Don’t know why it isn’t though. You can run the latest installer over the existing Daedalus installation.

do you know whether its going to be available in the wallet or not?

My best guess is it isnt gonna be available in this release but that it would in future releases

Daedalus updated and all is working fine :+1:

All works and syncing after download. Nothing lost.

In cardano-sl I’m seeing Failed to verify blocks: failure: [block's size exceeds limit (632.902 KiB > 32 KiB)] and get stuck in recovery mode. Is this related? I see no updates for cardano-sl, and my node crashes every few hours while constantly thrashing in recovery mode. This began about 6 hours ago or so.

Only the latest version of Daedalus will work now. You need to download and install it. As you’ve been having these probs probably best to reboot before installing. https://daedaluswallet.io/#download

cardano-sl !== Daedalus. cardano-sl no longer works and word is that you need to update to their as-yet unreleased branch (1.3.2, commit hash af722c49a41db0ad5073ade03efdd5d7e0065406) to fix it.

You don’t need to delete old version on your computer. Go to Daedalus site and download new version. Daedalus will then sync and work. I had no issues with it.

Sweet thanks so much mate. I submitted a issue report yesterday and seems like its already being solve. This is why I love Cardano and all the guys at IOHK. Yesterday I checked the github just randomly right and I saw that the last update was 27 minutes ago. Now this was like 2 am on a saturday night! So either they pushed it from asia in the morning on a Sunday or they pushed it out late night. Either way they are hard at work on the weekends! Very promising stuff.


Thanks to all peoples who help others here. Update working correctly.


I ran the Daedalus update without problems. “Without problems” meaning that it took about an hour to sync from 96.5% to 100% and that again it lost network connection in between although my connection is quite good.
If I wouldn’t have read so much about Cardano which gives me trust in it’s future, the wallet user experience would let me drop my ADA like a hot potato. The Daedalus wallet is still in no way what I expect from the best Crypto project out there.
At the weekend I updated my IOTA Trinity wallet (now with Ledger support!). This is an exceptionel wallet which should serve as a model for Daedalus.

True, but the Daedalus download includes Cardano SL 1.3.2.

Problem is that 1.3.2 isn’t a tagged release on github. We are still waiting for them to tag it as a release.