Trojan Malware Issues with Mcafee and Deadulus 3.3.0

Hi team

My antivirus is detecting deadulus as malware, any of you are also facing this issue?

mcafee.pdf (52.9 KB)

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is the first time you try to install it , or after an upgrade?

no this is triggered after the upgrade to version 3.3.0, with previous version i was not facing that issue

can you manually allow on Antivirus the Daedalus new Version?

after the solution, you can open a Ticket on IOHK support team, so they will investigate about it.

yes actually i had to manually set mcafee to ignore deadulus folder but is kind of scary to see that there is some malware in an official deadulus wallet, thanks for the advice i will create a ticket to iohk support team.

is not a malware as it is coming from the official source of IOHK.
for that reason, i would recommend to open a ticket and help IOHK to investigate :slight_smile:

that can help of our development and future use.

Hi Pazaragoza - are your funds still as it should be, or are there any transactions taking place in your wallet?

The question is… from where did u downloaded the daedalus 3.3.0?

i downloaded from official deadulus page

Then probably u should contact IOHK support

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yes my funds are still in my wallet but thats why i was a little scared to see that there is some malware and that something could happen to my ada. im not a security expert but i was taking a look to the description of JS/miner but i was not able to understand what is exactly the risk do you think something could happen to my ada whit a JS/miner detected?

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As soon as you enter your private seed into a piece of software on your PC or worse on your phone you inevitably will have to worry that one day some bug in the software can compromise your key which then may lead to a complete loss of funds in that wallet. With a hardware wallet, you don’t have this problem because it provides a second layer of security that is not software (i.e. someone has to press buttons on your device to authorize a Tx) and no software bug can do that.

In a Ledger you have special hardware which guarantees that the private key never leaves the device

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Guys. Please only use Linux and Daedelus if you care for your funds and do not want to rely on your luck for the security. :slight_smile:


We need a quick response to this…

How to reproduce the issue…

Date: 29-07-2021

  1. Download Daedalus Wallet from
  2. Check the SHA256 checksum … This is fine…
  3. Start the installation on Windows 10 ( 64 bits ) with McAfee Endpoint Security installed and updated.
  4. The McAfee software detect JS/Miner.bu as a Trojan.
  5. According to McAfee this is a Trojan…

Can we please get a solid response to this?

Many thanks.

Hello @Agustin_Fernandez_Tr

You should probably start a different topic since this thread was silent for over 4 months.

Also, if you check threat advisory for JS/Miner from McAfee Threat Advisory
you will see that antivirus is detecting a malicious code in your browser. You should not install a wallet on that computer until you remover the malware 1st. From the document it seems to be connected to coinhive, cruzium and easyhash websites. If you download anything from them, then uninstall and run full scan.

Do NOT install a wallet, show seed phrase or create a passwords on infected computer.