Malwarebytes reports on Daedalus

I am updating to Daedalus 2.2.0, and when I went to I got two warnings from Malwarebytes, a trojan for and phishing for

I downloaded and installed daedalus wallet, and then Malwarebytes reports phishing from on cardano-wallet.exe

Is there a problem with the website and the wallet?


I have Malwarebytes too but I’m getting no warnings about the site.

MWB and other programs will sometimes report issues with some sites that host nodes, this has been discussed on the forum before. My personal take is that web malware (even if it’s not a false positive which they often are) would not affect the Cardano protocol, so I don’t worry about it.

Thank you for your reply. Interestingly, I just went back into the page and I don’t get any warnings. I looked some more into the url names mentioned, and two of them are url shorteners, and one is a name service. I can see how both things could be used to deploy malware, so maybe that is what Malwarebytes was objecting to.

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Rob I have malwarebytes have installed Daedalus 2.2 with no Malwarebytes issues. It took almost 8 hrs to download today.

I went to enter my ITN 15 word recovery phrase and only a set of 5 words appear in the box , all words beginning with the letter A. It gives no other choices. The first word in my recovery phrase is not a word that starts with the letter A.

What should I do?

Just start typing… :grin:

Uh I did that. You get an " entry not found" error message.

That’s not normal. Typing is unavoidable in this situation, if it causes an error there’s a fault. I’d suggest reinstalling, if that doesn’t work submit a support request.

I’ll try again, this was downloaded from IOHK website.

All I want to do is retrieve my stored ADA from my Android Yoroi wallet, which is no longer functional, and my staking rewards, in the easiest way possible.

Can I do so with ADAlite and Trevor? And are there any video or tutorials out there for retrieving ADA and staking rewards for non technical people?

Thank you

Steve Amodie

I’m going to bow out of this. I’m very puzzled by the problem of entering your seed phrase in Daedalus. I have not been keeping up with developments in other wallets and don’t feel qualified to advise on what’s the best way forward for you. Also, this is way off-topic for this thread, which is probably why nobody else is chiming in. I strongly suggest you start a new thread for your own problem.

I’m getting the same thing from both Daedalus and Daedalus Flight, i.e. Phishing and Trojan warnings from MalwareBytes blocking what appear to be URL shortener sites (,,, and These only popup when I have the Premium Trial activated to give “web protection,” of course. Blocking them doesn’t seem to affect syncing with the blockchain, so I’m not sure what the links are supposed to be doing.