Who can help me?

I am not able to download Daedalus.

You should explain why you are not able to do so. Also, there are some great recent threads that you should read regarding security.

where can I read regarding security?

Hi, read through this thread:

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OK. Thanks!

Hi swordsman,
Here is the correct website to download Daedalus: https://daedaluswallet.io/#download

If you continue to have issues downloading, can you please provide?

  1. Which operating system you are using?
  2. Which web browser you are using?
  3. What is the indication of failure to download?
  4. A screen capture of the error?

I hope all is working well now, good luck!

1、Window 7

The full link to the current Daedalus wallet for Windows x64 is:


Notice that it is:

  1. 64bit, will not run on Windows 32bit
  2. .exe file, virus software / security could prevent downloading

Please verify the PGP signature of that file before installing!

I think you might need to use a VPN, in your screen capture it looks like the download is being blocked. You can use an Opera web browser with built in VPN or download a separate VPN software.

Just a hunch.

I will try.

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I was used a VPN. But I should use other VPN.
Thanks .