Updating Wallet to Latest Version

I have just seen the announcement that Daedalus will now support ETC as well as ADA. Is this all part of the same wallet or are these separate installations? And is there any way to “update” the wallet to the latest version or is it best to uninstall the older version and replace it with the new?

Of course…I have the seed securely kept.


Disregard. I missed this line from the blog…

Happily there were very few reported problems. There is a known issue with installing the Daedalus Mantis integration over an existing Daedalus wallet install and this will be fixed in a future version. For now the workaround is to uninstall the Daedalus wallet before installing the Daedalus Mantis integration. Unfortunately it is not possible to install both simultaneously, support for multiple wallet types is something the Daedalus team are working feverishly on.

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