Daedalus Dismay

I am running Daedalus full node, 4.2.1#18759 and it has been sync’ing - lost connection, for 4 days. Got fully sync’d once, but it would not sync the wallet transactions. I have had this problem a few times over the last year. Is there a way to convert my wallet to “light” so I can skip the sync issues and access my funds? If I set up the Yorori wallet can I bypass the sync and access my funds?

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Replying so that I can follow this thread and see the answers.

My Daedalus full node install (4.2.1) is causing problems on my computer. Mainly it just runs away with 90% of my RAM (6.5 of my 8Gb) after it has been running for a few days.

When I’m running Daedalus am I contributing anything to the ecosystem by keeping my copy of the blockchain updated? I’m wondering if I want to just stop running Daedalus 24x7 or if I want to move it to another computer where it’s sole use is running Daedalus…

Thanks for any input beloved Cardano community! :smiley:

At this point I switched over to Yoroi but there are a number of Cardano light wallets coming out for the Alonzo launch. Adlite being one for instance. You can use your secret words to restore your Daedalus wallet to Yoroi but be super careful you do not download a fake version of the wallet. There are counterfeits out there created to steal your coins.

I would also strongly advise using a hardware wallet (Ledger nano or Trezor) with any wallet.

BTW they are working on something called Mithril that will give Daedalus the advantages of a full node wallet and a light client in one.

BTW I also think the upcoming node decentralization will help with the connecting to network issues…

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Update, I recovered my wallet using Yoroi, accessed and removed my funds in less than 4 minutes. This is how it is supposed to work. IMO, if Cardono can’t get a simple wallet to work in 3 years they won’t bring reliable products to the market in a timely manner. Their competitors will beat them and take the market share, so to quote my Shark Tank friends, “I am out”.

Hmmm… five days ago - you’re close to missing out on a double? :slight_smile:

Following as I too am having problems after this update. I am fully synched, but showing no wallet or ADA balance. I am not sure if I should “restore” or “import” my wallet as I continue to hear and read about hackers. I have read that after the update, nothing needs to be done as your wallet/balances automatically update. Any advice?

Thank you!

Does your machine meet the minimum system requirements? What OS (Linux, WIndows, Mac?)

I am fully synched, but showing no wallet or ADA balance.

Are you sure? The current epoch and slot no will be displayed at http://cardanoexplorer.com.

If all the above is in order, then you should restore you wallet from the seed phrase (from memory, anything between 12 and 24 words).

Thank you for the reply, Erik, I appreciate it. My wallet was up and running perfectly before the 4.2.1 update. I was staking, as well. I did the update, and upon completion, have no trace of my wallet other than the main screen to create new, import, restore…I can’t see why my computer wouldn’t be able to handle it- was it that much larger? It is the only program I run on that Mac. I am debating deleting and downloading the wallet again, and restoring from my 24 seed words.

Please advise!
Thank you-

What are the specs of the machine? If you are not meeting the spec, you are likely to run into difficulties. Unfortunately as the block chain and the UTxO set get larger, the system requirements increase.

There is work being done to store part of the UTxO state on disk. Until then, it you cannot meet the system requirements, then Yoroi may be a better option than Daedalus.

My Mac is running 10.12.6 (the update says 10.13 and higher)…and my memory may not be enough. If my cardano was staked in the previous version of Daedalus, and I have my 24 seed words, I should be fine to recover thy wallet when my requirements are met, correct?
Thank you for the help!

You staking occurs on the blockchain, not in you wallet.

As long as you keep your seed phrase. You can restore you wallet elsewhere in 6 months time and you wallet will be fine and you will have been earning staking rewards all the time (assuming the pool did not deregister or something).

Just posting this as an FYI - I upgraded my machine to a better pair of GSkill memory sticks (32Gb up from only 12Gb) and I can now run Daedalus without issue. It has bumped up to running at around 8Gb of RAM and is much happier than when it only had 6Gb available. If you’re having issues with Daedalus it probably needs more RAM. :slight_smile:

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IOHK is also working to reduce the memory consumption, but unfortunately memory consumption will continue to grow as Cardano becomes more widely used.