Cardano node crashing

I keep trying to get into my Daedalus wallet and it just keeps saying that cardano node crashed. Could someone help me rectify this?


Which operation system are you using? and which version of Daedalus?

Using windows 10. And Daedalus mainet 3.3.0

is there any specific reason for using Daedalus? Yoroi chrome extension can handle the same functionalities as Daedalus without the need to have a full cardano node on your system…

What are the machine specs? You will need 8G of RAM and 25G or so free disk space.

I have been using it and all my ADA are already on the Daedalus wallet. But this happened as soon as I upgraded the wallet.

As new features are added, it is possible that the memory requirements have increased. Also, memory requirements definitely increase as the adoption of Cardano increases.

How much memory does the machine have?