Why is my Daedalus Taking so long?!?

Keeps getting stuck on “relaying ledger from…. 86%”

Won’t load past that, but not completely frozen.
Also my syncing won’t complete, just goes on forever and swear I’ve sat there for full days and still didn’t sync.
What’s going on with this???

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A full sync can take 24 hours or longer and it will slow down, so the later percent take longer than the earlier (because the chain has gotten a lot busier in the recent months).

But it’s also possible that it gets stuck, because your system does not have enough RAM or disk space.

It is not! You can always switch to a light wallet like Eternl, Typhon, Yoroi, … with your seed phrase. They all need neither these long sync times nor these amounts of RAM and disk space.

Wallet apps are just interfaces to the blockchain. Your ADA are not “inside” them.

hmmm ram must b not a big thing if you turn on rts flags active like i have since it came out
i have 8 gb and had some trouble with last update wallet but now it runs ok like before update still on 8gb and a sea of free disk space😃

Try ccvault or Nami wallet