Daedalus slow in syncing blocks

i am new here and just downloaded the wallet and it has been synching blocks and reached 18% after several hours… is this normal? will this happen everytime i open my wallet? is there any other wallet which can be used? this is very slow.

awaiting feedback. thank you


Same here.

the 1st time you open takes more time to sync…
gets better later

Same here too, it’s 2hrs and i’m still at 52.44%

This is a put off if it’s someone new! I can see you must be losing a lot of business due to this issue. Have you considered another wallet or online wallets? Something quicker and easier for newbies.

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It is not my first time. I had done the syncing 2 days ago. I tried to open it today and it is still in “connection to network…” phase. It has been 2 hours now. I have restarted my computer and uncheck “set time” in mac. Issue persists.

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i dont know…do you have enough HD space? i open mine often and it’s all ok…
takes a few minutes.

Same here. Sync taking ages to be 100%.

well it was working…not anymore

So each wallet is a node on the blockchain keep track of all transactions as a ledger. This is due to the Proof of stake system that will be rolling out In hopefully q2 18 where we will earn block rewards for verifying tx’s.

Here is some great info. Please read up on crypto, proof of work and proof of stake, Blockchain and ledger. It will all come together to explain why it is so important to run a node in the wallet.

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When syncing your wallet, everytime your computer sleeps, it will stop syncing. Turn off sleep mode until finished syncing. if your computer screen locks or goes to sleep, syncing will stop. It took me 7hours to fully sync. If you turn off your computer to sleep.it will continue syncing from where you left off when you turn it back on later until fully synced 100%. After you sync it once, you will no longer need to sync it again unless you are behind and dont open your wallet for a month or two, then youll have to sync the months your are behind, which wouldn’t take long. After that the wallet work smooth and transactions from exchanges are vary cheap and fast.


Thank you. I have a feeling you just saved me a whole lot of frustration.

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My computer went to sleep but it wont carrying on syncing, I deleted the pop up window and restarted the programme though and it carried on working, now waiting on 99.99%.

Cardano needs a solution to this . This will defenitely effect adoption of this currency

The first time you install the wallet will take the longest, after then you will only need to sync a snapshot of the latest blockchian, which will be way faster.

More than frustrating… I’ve tried twice on two computers to install the wallet but it gets stuck syncing roughly at 22%. The last time I let it run for over 24 hours and still nothing further. Went to support for help but they had nothing. Seriously thinking about flicking my ADA (stuck on an exchange at the moment) for something that I can actually have in a wallet.

Took forever to synce the first time I opened it, but that was expected. Today I opened it for the first time in two days an it’s been syncing for 30 minutes and is still only at 99.45%.

This is BS just for this I will sell all my Cardano

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It’s normal for now. See cardanoroadmap.com “Light client mode is a feature that will significantly reduce the blockchain syncing time. It will enable users to start using Daedalus without having to wait for the whole blockchain to finish being downloaded. The light client mode will involve choosing to subscribe to a trusted blockchain checkpoint provider. The checkpoints are snapshots of the state of the blockchain at certain points in time. When using a checkpoint, Daedalus only needs to sync the blockchain from the latest checkpoint onwards, rather than the entire blockchain. This will help most when starting Daedalus for the first time, but will also help when Daedalus has not been used for several weeks”

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How long should it take to fully synch? I haven’t even been able to set up my wallet yet and i had it syncing for two days. It froze at 96 percent and I had to start all over again. I am running windows 10

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