Daedalus slow in syncing blocks


I’m also running Windows 10. My initial sync took 6 or 7 hours if memory serves. Quite a while, yes, and it did appear to “freeze” at certain percentages. Works just fine for me so far. :+1:t3:


I’ve used my wallet many times - running on Windows 10 as well - every time I open it it takes forever to sync blocks - at least an hour or two, even after the most recent update.


I was trying to send some coin to the wallet bcuz my exchange was comprimised . cardano needs a system where the network is not dependent on the wallet. and multiple wallet options.Taking way to long to sync


As long as expectations are honestly managed and proper instructions how to not clash with other programmes, all would be good.

The problem I see is that a video suggesting it’s a piece of cake is introduced at the beginning of the process which just sets up expectations way too high.

Don’t forget though everyone, we are all early pioneers. The internet was bloody hard work when it first came out and this is a massive game changing project. It’s not just a wallet, it’s a brave new world including a block chain App Store that will offer a whole world of investing and creative opportunities and the beginning basically of a new world order.

It really is a case of the (patient) meek inheriting the earth.

Deep breaths and play the long game. It will be worth it.



Probably should sell all of your currency across the board. If this would cause you to sell good luck with the volatility. Take you xmas money and buy something nice.



TOUCHE’ :open_mouth::hugs:


Yes syncing takes a long time. First is hours. Future syncs still take minutes sometimes up to 30. Love $ADA but the wallet sucks. Plus the wallet forces me to keep $ADA on computer and not my Nano Ledger.


This is bullshit. Here I sit watching ADA fall and I can’t sell any because all I have is stuck in this shitty wallet that won’t sync.


Have same problem how long need to wait ?? all day Connecting to network…


Its ridiculous. sitting here for like half a day to sync. its like I have to download every other computer on the entire chain. like thats efficient. this is suppose to be good?


They do have a solution, and have written about it in the roadmap and documents. Once the network grows and matures, it will be much faster.


Smakman, when the price falls, you should be buying, not trying to sell.


Had I been able to pull out the thousand I wanted to at 1.20, I would have doubled it on TRX going from .11 to .22 then bought my ADA back at .99 this morning. Their POS wallet cost me at least $1000 in profits.


Sure we’re in the early days of crypto but that hasn’t stopped virtually every other coin from having a wallet that is actually useful. All I want to do is move my ADA off an exchange and into a safe wallet. I’ve been able to do that with every other coin I own without having to sacrifice 7+ hours of my time. I‘M hodling for the long term but the fact that Cardano can’t be bothered to develop a user friendly wallet makes me wonder about their ability to market their product


Maybe the frequency of usage is key to making it work faster, with efficiency??


yes. everytime you open need to sync and update, if you open often is faster. it depends on your internet speed too.

they need a light wallet cause many people have trouble with a full node.


Before putting another bitcoin into this project I thought it would be a good idea to see if my recovery phrase worked. I downloaded the Windows wallet and started downloading the blockchain. I don’t recall exactly how far it got but I restarted a couple times, each time getting the an error regarding (crap I didn’t make note of it) so removed all traces of the wallet except the download and started over. I got up to 36.22% before it appeared to stop. Overnight I checked and it had fallen to 36.19% . The system went down overnight and now restarting I get an error that c:\program files\daedalus\daudalus.exe create process does not exist.

I am going to try again although I think it is futile. I will update this post. Daedalus gets tightly wound into windows and is difficult to remove. I have been at it for a while already.

Perhaps there will be an upgrade to the wallet that will actually be usable. For now I am planning to break out a new Nano and see if that is a viable option.


That’s a Windows error message I’m not familiar with, nor does google come up with anything for it.

I understand you’re having genuine problems with it and probably feel frustrated (I would) but the current version is perfectly usable for many people.

A Nano, however, is not a viable option at the moment, and after recent news about a hacking exploit, I’m doubtful of its future. (To be clear, it doesn’t work with ADA ATM regardless of security concerns.)

You might find this helpful:


It’s in the works.


Thanks for the link.

The third try failed but got to 44%. I am trying again on another rig.

I read of the Nano hack. If you leave your Nano lying around it could be a problem if it falls into the hands of the worlds most intelligent 15 year old. Thanks for letting me know that Nano is not an option. I was about to get there.

I am not new at this. I have a couple of Masternodes running and a few other wallets including Daedalus. Perhaps this most recent attempt will succeed.

Any idea as to why the logo does not appear in the desktop shortcut that the wallet launcher created?
This is a separate system from the previous.