Daedalus wallet syncing blocks takes forever

Hi guys,
just downloaded my desktop daedalus wallet and opening it takes ages. Is this normal? it says synching blocks and showing % progress… but it takes a long time… maybe this is just for the first opening?
thanks for any inputs…

It is just for the first opening, this is because you are downloading the whole Cardano Blockchain. It takes a few hours generally (4-8) depending on your internet speed.
Then you will have to open it every few days in order to catch up with the new blocks generated by the new transactions and update your version of the blockchain :slight_smile:
For example, I haven’t opened it in 3 days and it took less than a minute to sync.

A light version of the wallet is coming soon, probably in the second half of the year.

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Thank you. I am already a fan after watching your awareness video about possible hacking scenarios that could be done if one is not that careful.

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Ha it wasn’t me at all who made the video, sorry for the confusion, I just shared it after finding it on Youtube! I wish I was as talented as this hacker :slight_smile:

And you’re welcome!

Its total BS im done with it, Cardano included. Im selling all much better investments out there.

You took the trouble to sign up here just to tell us that? You shouldn’t have bothered! :grin: