Daedalus - endless loading

Hello fellow Cardanians … I have some NFTs on my deadalus that i would like to sell. I opened deadalus after some time again and it is taking ages downloading the chain. Showing me it is 97% synced with the blockchain, downloading it with only 500kB/s per second. Am I doing something wrong? How can I accelerate it, or how much more do i need to download? Does it need to download 55GB (the whole chain?) Thanks!

Id recommand you to use a lightclient wallet like Typhon or Eternl.

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If you have used it previously, it does not have to download all 55 GiB again, but it can well take several hours even if it needs to sync only the last couple of percent.

As @Zyroxa said: You can import/restore the same wallet in a light wallet app with your seed phrase. It doesn’t have to be Daedalus.

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