Too much troubles with Daedalus wallet

I am sorry that I have read all kinds of threads mentioning about the Daedalus stuck on “Connecting to network”, “Syncing blocks”, and keeps spinning after restoring a wallet.

I experienced them all … And I am very nervous now for my money of thousands USD worth inside my Daedalus wallet.

I am not sure if this issue was because of the network in Vietnam, where we are from. I have 2 PCs and my friends have total 7 PCs. Only one of my PC is successful in installing and operating the Daedalus wallet. But 2 weeks ago, it just kept “Syncing blocks” from 99.92% back to 92.6% eventually !!

I missed the time I should have sold a part of my Cardano to wait for buying the dip when it was 4100 satoshi/ADA last week (and now it is 3500 sat). The reason: I could not get my Daedalus work.

Yesterday, I formatted my PC and reinstalled Windows 10 Home edition on the Dell laptop, which ran the Daedalus well before.

Everything was fine as it was until I restore my wallet.
First, it was stuck with spinning as you may see from the attached screenshot.

I closed and ran Daedalus again. It turned to keeping stuck with “Connecting to network” overnight.

This morning, I deleted all the DB-… folder of Daedalus in Appdata Roaming folder. Then the reinstalling Daedalus worked well, synced blocks and the story repeated again like yesterady evening. When I restored the wallet, it kept spinning like the screenshot shown again.

What happened ?? How the hell this Daedalus wallet is so annoying ? Please, you are a professional team, why don’t you make it just as good as so many other cryptocurrencies’ wallet out there ?

What should I do now ? Oh, there is the money enough for me to buy a small house in my Daedalus wallet.

That circle under the circle button at the top right of thw gui, means it is still restoring the wallet which can take 20 hours, just leave it. The next Daedalus update hopefully will sort these kind of issues.

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Thanks God ! Finally, I restored successfully my wallet. OMG, it took me 11 hours ! I thought I lost. But the only thing I could do was just waiting during the weekend.

Please update Daedalus wallet !

Yes you just need to let it sit…

Yup I think everyone agrees that there are things about the wallet tgat needs to be fixed, but this is early alpha, so Its kinda fine, it will take time to get done. I dont know what the issue is, but yeah It certainty isn’t running smooth and up to standard for mass public usage.

You are talking a lot of nonsense, you know nothing about, with all of these cryptocurrency wallets out there… and many wallets are private projects, so you only know about the goods one (since the outcompeted all the others) also most of them are light-wallets and not actually full node wallets. Most cryptos are ERC20 Tokens or a Bitcoin fork. So comparing a project build from scratch with projects that have been live for 2-10 years is not fair…

Frankly, Daedalus UI is not so user-friendly, not UX at all. How can newbies know that the wallet restoration is still running while there is only the too small spinning icon at the top-right corner? I myself at first time did not realise it at all.

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I am not saying it is. These things will come with time. This is early alpha. There should be estimations (if able to) and also able to shut it down, and reopen and it will just continue on the process. All of this will come with time.

If it doesn’t.

Someone else will make a better wallet .

Either way. It will be solved.

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Agreed @jb455.