Daedalus "Connecting to network..."


I have an issue with Connecting to network… . I am running windows 10 and Daedalus wallet version 1.0.3769 - the latest version. I checked my internet connection, I am on gigabit, I synchronized the time from my windows, I started the wallet from daedalus.bat file. After all this, I let the wallet 6h and still Connecting to network…

I do not want to reinstall the wallet. I do not want to reinstall the wallet after every “Connecting to network…” issue. That’s not fair. I like Cardano, I love this project, but the Devs should do something about this issue. Many of us have this issue.

I am waiting for a solution, thank you!

Try this. This is my post and has worked wonders for my wallet issues.

There are a few other forum posts that have individual solutions from other community members that you could try:

The devs team is definitely working on this. This is why sending your logs is a great way you can contribute so that they can diagnose the root cause and find the appropriate solutions.




It usually not stuck while syncing. It actually stores the Blockchain data to your HDD at that time, This can be confirmed If at that your Disk Usage in Task Manager is above 50%… Used by any Daedalus file like Cardano-node…